Surrogate Physician Consultation

For some, conceiving a child isn’t always easy. Often times, medical conditions stand in the way of couples starting a…

Beauty & Style

Up Close and Personal-Winter Farming

It’s been a crazy winter here. We’ve already received over 40″ of snow and it’s snowing again today. Unfortunately, farming never stops for Mother Nature. This batch of pigs are…


Chef Kidd’s Funagrettes

You’ve been there before, in fact time and time again, the same scene occurs every night between 5 and 6pm. The whole family is seated around the dining table, you…


Artfolds are the Ultimate fun read

Sarah got a few books from Artfolds, and she loves them. She’s a fast reader, so she read Anne of Green Gables, and turned the book into the word Joy. …


Dino Tales Game

Dino Tales Game is such fun for your little ones. I have it downloaded on the iPad for my 3 1/2 year old. He plays it everyday, and it’s…