Beauty & Style

OMG Nail Strips for Sweethearts

I’ve always been obsessed with nail polish. It’s the one “cosmetic” that I can actually see all day, without…


Disney Movies

I loved Disney’s Frozen, and now you can watch the sing along. It is super cute. We watched it, as a family, and my 3 year old, and 17 year…


Up Close and Personal-Winter Farming

It’s been a crazy winter here. We’ve already received over 40″ of snow and it’s snowing again today. Unfortunately, farming never stops for Mother Nature. This batch of pigs are…


How to Disaster Proof a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Among the many details you need to consider when planning your wedding, there is one important question you need to answer: Are children welcome? Inevitably, some of your guests will…


Puss In Boots – Animated Tale

We’re all familiar with the Puss In Boots Story. You know the one where the the old Dad decides to split his belongings with his sons. The eldest receives the…