Coin Rings From Whispering Bees


Although this type of product has been around for a long time, not that many people have seen it. In fact, I myself had never even heard of it before a year ago. They actually classify as art, and are a very interesting piece of jewelry to wear. These Coin Rings from Whispering Bees kind of made me step back and realize the history tied to them. For example, a Coin Ring from the 1800’s might have been used in the old Saloons or to buy someone’s freedom. There’s really no telling where it has been or who might have used it. Maybe even the President of the United States bought something with it.

Then there are Coin Rings from the Roaring 20’s. This was right after WW I, and when Women earned the right to vote. Imagine having a coin that might have been used during that time. This was when Prohibition was in full swing with bootleggers and stills in the hills were making alcohol illegally. This was when Al Capone was a Mob Boss, and in 1929 the stock market crashed and started a decade long Great Depression. I mean, you can’t help but take a moment to realize that these are actual coins that were in someone’s hand during that time.

Then there are more modern Coin Rings. The variety is endless really. They have the state quarters, so that alone gives you 50 different ones. Then there are the D.C. and Territory Quarters (6 more), the National Parks Quarters (55 more), the American Women Series (to date is another 15 varieties), and there are still all of the silver quarters, half dollars, and one dollar coins like the Susan B. Anthony Coin. And we haven’t even mentioned the Regular issues before the state quarters, like Coin Rings from the 30’s through 1998. That in itself is quite a span of years and each coin can be made into a Coin Ring.

Maybe your Mom, or Dad, or Grandparent left you some coins that aren’t perhaps worth a lot monetarily, but are priceless to you for their memories. You can have that coin made into a ring to wear. So whether you are wanting a Birth Year Ring, a Graduation Ring, an Anniversary Ring, or just a ring that reminds you of the Old West, you can have that and carry it with you wherever you go. Here’s the link to get there: And if they don’t offer what you want, they make things all the time, and you can just contact them concerning your needs and I’m sure they can make it happen.

Good Luck in your journey.



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