Charmed: What Makes the Show the Best Binge-Watching Option?


Movies, TV shows, and series can keep you occupied for hours, especially when you don’t feel like doing anything else. Nevertheless, only some films are suitable for binge-watching, meaning you must understand your options and how to make the right choice. There’re several reasons why Charmed has gained global traction among many fans wishing to binge-watch. This article will explain these reasons in detail to help you know why you should also choose this intriguing, engaging, and entertaining show as your first movie-time option.

The Show is Family-Centered

Many fans worldwide need help understanding how Charmed can talk about family matters, yet the narrative revolves around witches and dark powers. Nonetheless, Brad Kern and the team did a marvelous job integrating the family ingredients into the series to make it suitable for all viewers and connect with households. The first seasons focus on Prue, Phoebe, and Piper, the three sisters, with characters representing different sections of a contemporary family.

Although things take a different route as the show continues, you’ll never forget the family aspect shown by the sibling love portrayed by the three sisters. This means you don’t have to watch the series behind closed doors. The makers ensured that Charmed fits the entire family and loaded it with different components showing a real family.

The Protagonists Represent All Personalities

Charmed is one of the shows you can label as having something for everyone, thanks to the different personalities that each of the leading roles represents. Prue represents firstborns who go out of their way and sacrifice a lot to care for their siblings. She takes up a job and establishes a career to support the younger ones.

You can see her sacrifice of taking up a job, not because she wants to, but to help her support Piper and Phoebe. This selflessness leads to recurrent fights between Prue and Phoebe, a personality you can easily find in the contemporary world.

A combination of Fantasy and Real Life

Fantasy is an excellent part of the TV show, with most episodes portraying it in the best way possible, especially after the first few seasons. You’ll enjoy this fantasy because of the different powers that each protagonist possesses. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take out the real-life element from the series.

The three sisters may be witches and whilighters, but they lead everyday lives, which include having romantic relationships, owning a home, driving vehicles, and having careers. This blend of fantasy and real life will have you glued to your screen for hours as you connect the dots between the two elements.

The Possibility of All-Female Lead Roles

Charmed ranks among the TV shows that prove everything is possible, primarily having all female characters as protagonists. Gone are the days when only men would take up all the leading character positions in movies, TV shows, and series. This show changed that narrative, making it the best choice for binge-watching.

Health experts have raised concerns over the health effects of binge-watching, but at times it’s inevitable. For instance, when there aren’t many outdoor activities during the cold season, you can grab your favorite series and pass the time with it. Grab your copy of Charmed for binge-watching, and you’ll not regret your choice.

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