Everything You Need To Know About Star Wars’ Darksaber


One thing that shines in the Star Wars fan’s eyes is the iconic sabers wielded by legendary characters. 

A lightsaber or dark saber embodies the wielder’s strength and courage. It serves as a conduit to the Force. 

Ever since its first appearance in the second series of The Clone Wars, the darksaber has gained tremendous popularity and attention of people. 

The darksaber is the most sought-after weapon in the Star Wars Universe. The first to ever hold the Darksaber was Tarre Vizsla, who created it. Tarre Vizsla was the only Mandalorian accepted as a Jedi during the Old Republic era. 

He built an extremely unique-looking pitch-dark blade, considered the most powerful Star Wars darksaber. After his death, the saber was kept in the Jedi temple. But ever wonder who else from the warrior wielded the saber?

Let’s find out!

Darksaber’s History

It was said that the ruler of Mandalorian would be someone who would defeat the current wielder of the weapon. 

However, many warriors have had the chance to possess the saber until they lost to others. 

Pre Vizsla:- 

When House Vizsla stole the darksaber from their ancestors’ possession, Pre Vizsla owned the darksaber during the Clone War. 

Vizsla lost guardianship of the weapon during a war with Maul and claimed the leadership of Darth Watch.

Darth Maul:- 

During the duel war between Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul, Maul won against him and possessed the darksaber. After that, he took control of a Mandalorian group called Darth Watch.  

Later, Maul was defeated by his former mentor, Darth Sidious, during a fierce battle. After losing the possession, he was imprisoned in Spire. 

Sabine Wren:-

A Mandalorian weapon master and part of the rebel group found the dark saber and took possession of it. 

Earlier, Sabine felt unworthy of wielding the powerful weapon. Mandalorian leaders Fenn Reu and Hera Syndulla encouraged Sabine to master the darksaber. She realized that she could use the power of the saber to unit her people. 

Feeling worthy of wielding the weapon, Sabine decided to train herself and moved to a planet, Atollon, with Kanan and Ezra. 

Bo-Katan Kryze:-

During a mission to rescue her father, Sabine met Katan and offered the sword. Sabine considered her to be the right person to hand over the weapon. Bo-Katan felt unworthy of wielding the saber and denied keeping it. 

Sabine convinced her by saying that other clans supported her. Even the Force wants her to be the sword’s wielder. That’s why it has been brought to her. She finally accepts the sword to honor the clan and Mandalore.

Moff Gideon:-

Bo-Katan surrendered the sword in front of Gideon as she wanted to stop the Empire from purging Mandalore. Then, Moff Gideon held the darksaber. However, he lost the weapon during a duel with Din Djarin.

Din Djarin:-

Din Djarin won the saber in a battle while rescuing Grogu from Gideon. Initially, he struggled with the saber and slashed his own thigh during a war. The Armorer explained the past of the weapon to him and promised to train him.

Din Djarin had several duels to maintain the possession of the weapon. He fought with Paz Vizsla, Scorpenek droids, and Almites. 

Believing Kryze to be the rightful owner of the powerful darksaber as she saved him and defeated Axe Woves, Djarin offered her to accept the ownership. 

Features of The Darksaber

Indeed, the darksaber was the most potent blade that revolved around many wielders’ hands. 

Let’s learn what features the traditional-looking blade had that made it special. 

  • Appearance of The Blade:- 

The darksaber was black-bladed, shorter than most lightsabers, and appeared like a traditional sword. It had an angular pommel, hand guard, and slit-shaped blade emitter made of Mandalorian iron. 

  • The Screech Sound

A high-pitched sound comes out of the black saber when ignited. Unlike lightsabers that sound like a hum, the darksaber sounded like a screech. 

  • A Conduit to The Force:- 

The darksaber had a crystal that connected the Force to the wielders. The wielders’ thoughts and actions played a significant role in deciding the blade’s power. When the wielder’s emotional state elevates, the saber makes an electrical effect, able to connect on a subconscious level. 

  • Durability:-

The darksaber was capable of heating to a point until it turned red. However, unlike typical lightsabers, they can never penetrate the pure basket. 


During the entire Star Wars saga, who will own the powerful darksaber has always been a thought to contemplate. It always filled the viewers with curiosity about the deserving owner of the darksaber. 

The powerful weapon has earned great admiration among fans for its extraordinary appearance and quality. Indeed, the admiration for power will reside in millions of hearts for decades. 

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