The Best Long Range Baby Monitor of 2024


After having our second child, my husband and I have been struggling to find a baby monitor that has access to all the options we would like. Together, we decided to give the Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor a try. One of the main reason we decided to try this monitor. Was the idea that it did not require a Wi-Fi connection to use. What we didn’t expect was how great the quality all around would be with this baby monitor. 

You don’t have to worry about this baby monitor staying connected

We did have some concern about the distance we could travel around the home and property while maintaining a connection to the camera. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the 1800ft range the baby monitor claimed. In the end this wasn’t an issue in the slightest. Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor is equiped with a 7800 mAh built- in battery. You can expect this battery to last you in the range of 30 hours (eco friendly mode) and 15 hours (regular mode). Bonoch made these calculations with the idea that the monitors screen is on for the entire duration. Safe to say you won’t be worrying about the battery running out over night. 

Capture and Display

My husband and I love the quality of the screen on the monitor and something tells me you will be to. The Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor comes with a clean 5’5″ inch screen. With the capability of 4x zoom in camera, along with the option to tilt, and pan side to side. Making it easy to monitor nearly the entirety of the room the camera is in. The 5’5″ inch screen has a 1080p display which is crips and clear day or night.  This is a dual display at 1080p resolution for both the camera and the monitor to make all your captures clear as can be. We were both blown away by the quality of the screen to say the least. Both in the recording and on the monitor itself. The night vision of the baby monitor is also crisp thanks to its 1080P resolution. The images are so clear even when we are in a pitch-dark room and there is no red-dot on the camera side to cause disturbance to our baby.

The versatility of the Bonoch Long Range Baby monitor

the Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor doesn’t just take video. You have the capability to take pictures with the camera. As well as video playback from your recordings. You can record with the Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor either automatically or manually as you desire. It’s great to have all the options available. Though we mostly used the auto record setup personally. The quality was exactly what I was hoping for with this baby monitor. 


After almost two weeks of operating the Bonoch Long Range Baby monitor.  If you are looking for a baby monitor that does not require an app, or Wi-Fi to operate. A baby monitor which you can store your recordings for on an SD drive. A baby monitor that not only is high quality but has a considerably great price. Than I can confidently say that you would not be disspoinated by purchasing the Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor. At the end of the day I have no complaints. If you have any questions for me feel free to leave a comment down below. Until next time!

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run 3
1 month ago

This blog is one of my favorites. It is a pretty enlightening subject to discuss. It is of great use to me in finding solutions to many issues. It presents an abundance of opportunities, and its method of operation is lightning-fast.

29 days ago

I desperately searched for a reliable baby monitor that ticked all the boxes. thanks for the Bonoch Long Range Baby Monitor