Essential Shows for Relaxation and Rejuvenation


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Life is hectic. You know, sometimes it can be harder to switch off internally than it is to resist snoozing that alarm in the morning. But no worries, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a list of soothing TV shows that will help you find your Zen and calm down from all the chaos. From stunning nature documentaries showcasing the most awe-inspiring sights on our planet to heartwarming sitcoms that will greet you when you wake up, this collection of TV shows is your ticket to a relaxation station.

Best Shows to Watch Before Bed

#1 Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off the Boat offers a heartfelt glimpse into the immigrant experience, welcoming viewers into the home of the Huang family. With a gentle dad, a “tiger mom,” an eldest son who’s obsessed with rap, a charming middle son, and an over-achieving youngest son, this comedic cast entertains viewers season after season. The show authentically captures the struggles of being an immigrant while sprinkling humor throughout. It’s packed with moments that highlight the family’s strong dynamic, and each episode showcases countless adorable interactions between the kids. This combination of elements makes Fresh Off the Boat the perfect show to unwind with after a long day.

#2 Baddies West

Baddies West is the third season of the Baddies reality TV series run by Natalie Nunn. She is a reality television star and former Bad Girls Club participant. The show follows several young women (self-proclaimed baddies) who travel across the US West Coast’s biggest cities. These cities include Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Throughout the season, these 11 ladies perform and host nightclub events.

All of the listed feel-good shows are available on different streaming series and not always on Netflix. If you start searching for where to watch Baddies West, you won’t find the show on the most common streaming services. You can watch Baddies West on Zeus Network. It is available primarily in the US but works in some other countries as well.

#3 A World of Calm

We don’t actually want you to stop reading this roundup. Just take a quick 15-second pause. Do absolutely nothing. We’ll wait. Calm, an app designed to reduce anxiety, is exactly what you need. It offers short meditations that work wonders for nervous individuals. And guess what? Calm has even expanded its reach by releasing a TV series. It features breathtaking imagery accompanied by a soothing narration. Imagine Idris Elba himself telling you a stellar bedtime story. Pretty cool, right?

#4 30 Rock

“30 Rock” is a comedy loosely based on Tina Fey’s own experience at Saturday Night Live. It is more cynical than Parks and Recreation, but it just might be one of the funniest TV shows ever. The hijinks are absolutely outlandish, primarily because the characters live in their own bizarre universe of wealth and privilege, effortlessly disconnecting from real life. However, the diverse cast of characters, coming from various backgrounds, political perspectives, and socio-economic circumstances, provided smart and subversive social commentary through their clashes.

#5 Sweet Magnolias

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Sweet Magnolias lives up to its sugary title, delivering a heartwarming and lighthearted romantic comedy set in the small Southern town of Serenity. The show explores the deep bonds between lifelong friends, embracing sappy and simple storylines without high stakes. It’s reminiscent of a modern-day Gilmore Girls, offering viewers a comforting and cozy experience.

#6 Happy Endings

Happy Endings is an underrated sitcom with a Friends-like premise. However, it differentiates itself by subverting and mocking typical genre tropes. The show’s core group of six friends are neurotic, narcissistic, and messy. The characters have developed their own language, which may even find its way into your daily life. The perfect married couple in the show unexpectedly reverses gender roles, while the supposedly cool guy is constantly ridiculed for his questionable taste in music and fashion. Additionally, the bro-iest guy in the group is also gay. As the show progresses, it hits its stride in episode five of the first season. Season 2 offers some of the funniest episodes ever.

#7 The West Wing

The West Wing, known for its fast-paced conversations, owes its dialogue speed to Aaron Sorkin. However, it’s the somewhat hopeful depiction of the political turmoil in Washington, D.C. that brings a sense of calm to this gem. From biohazard lockdowns to missing First Daughters, the series tackles various crises with seriousness, while maintaining an upbeat mood.


We hope these relaxation shows will help you have a good rest and take your mind off the stress of everyday life. Sometimes this is not so easy to do and you need something distracting; shows are the very tool for switching attention. Moreover, they are quite cheerful and positive.

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