Spoil Mom Without Spending Big With These Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts


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Who runs the world? Mum! Mum! Mom’s the glue that holds everything together, from kissing scraped knees to calming late-night sniffles. And the day when you can appreciate her the best way possible is about to arrive soon. And no matter how planned you are, life can get crazy and the next thing you know, you’re panicking about a gift.

Don’t sweat it for we’ve got your back! We have scoured the web for amazing last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that you can get without spending high. So, if are someone who waits until the eleventh hour, here are some ideas that will assist you well –

DIY Delights

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The most precious Mother’s Day gifts are the ones made with love! So, tap into your creative side and DIY gifts for your mumma. Raid your photo albums and create a collage of cherished moments. Decorate it with colourful papers, glitter, or dried flowers. Write quotes and messages in a creative manner. You can even create a coupon book filled with ‘special coupons’ such as ‘doing dishes’, ‘cooking one-time meal for the whole family’ and ‘movie marathon night’. We are certain your mom would love to utilise one coupon every day. 

Indoor Plants

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Does Mom have a green thumb? For a low-maintenance gift that lasts, you can surprise her with a collection of indoor plants that can be easily purchased from a nearby nursery or ordered within 2-3 hours from an online florist. Consider low-maintenance options like succulents, herbs, air plants or peace lilies. Such kind and sustainable Mother’s Day gifts not only purify the air but also add a refreshing touch of greenery.

Stylish Mugs and Cups

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Need a quick and affordable Mother’s Day gift? Well, you can skip the fancy stuff and get her a personalized mug or cup that will elevate her morning rituals. Pick a style she’ll love, like classic white or something colourful. You can even compliment them with matching saucers or coasters.

Preparing Dinner

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Nothing will get to her heart faster than a home-cooked meal by her kids. For years, she has been the chef of the house, handling meals all the time. So, give her the night off by whipping up her choice of dishes and desserts. Also, while she would appreciate you preparing her favourite food; if you and the kitchen don’t get along, take her out to her preferred restaurant and spend quality time with her. 

Offline Adventures

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Step away from the screens and create some memories with Mom by actually being present. You can do tons of offline activities that won’t affect your pocket in any manner. For example, you can pack a basket with chips, drinks and sweet treats. Take a cosy blanket. Head to a local park and enjoy quality time with her. Or you can revisit her favourite childhood spots or places that hold special memories. Relive those and don’t forget to click tons of pictures!

Online Oasis

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The internet can be your best friend when it comes to last-minute gifts. When thought and used wisely, you will find pretty good options to pamper and entertain mom from the comfort of your home i.e. online gifting. Various online shops offer last-minute Mother’s Day gifts such as flower bouquets, cakes, and even luxurious gift hampers, that you can order within 3-4 hours. Rest, if she has been longing to up her skills, gift her an online course for the same that is available at various price points.

Whichever Mother’s Day gift you choose, don’t forget to personalise it in whichever way possible. Add a hand-addressed note, pick wildflowers from your garden (or the nearest park) or play her favourite tunes. Her joy would know no bounds and she would shed happy tears!

So, kids, hubbies and families, the clock is ticking! If you are yet to buy her a gift, roll up your sleeves and pick any of the aforementioned gift ideas. They are the perfect choice for those dilly-dallies while shopping or are true procrastinators.

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Mack simon
1 month ago

Great article, but you can gift end of-lease cleaning service as a Mother’s Day gift to show extra love.