The Umbrella Project Is For Everyone!


Imagine for a moment, what is would be like, if the world was full of well adjusted individuals. Everyone had perfect social skills and everyone’s self esteem was great. Everyone could cope with whatever life has in store for them. Yes, imagine is all we can do. Most (if not all) people do not fall into that category. In fact, even the most successful and popular people still struggle in some areas of their life. Why is that so? Well it has to do with the fact that we don’t teach our children the basic skills that they need to succeed. We teach the ABC’s, arithmetic, and right from wrong, but the truth of the mater is, most adults do not possess those skills as well. So how is it that we can end this repetitive cycle so that we can be well rounded adults and children; able to take on the world? That’s where The Umbrella Project comes in…

In order to assure that our children are not forgotten, Doctor Jen Forristal has written this book, The Umbrella Effect, as a guide to help your children build life long skills. This book will walk you step-by-step so that you are able to help your children by strengthening their coping skills. Many times we don’t know what to say or when to say it. With Dr. Forristal’s guidance, you can confidently help your children as she has countless other children. It all starts with a step in the right direction and you build on that. Here is where you can get a copy for yourself: The Umbrella Effect. But let me tell you about The Umbrella Project.

When I first started looking into The Umbrella Project, I just thought it was for kids. And, although that is a great place to start, I realized that it goes much deeper than that. It’s for everyone. No one is perfect. We all have room for improvement because,  somewhere along the line, we stopped spending time with our children and making sure that they have the skills and tools they need to become well rounded individuals. And not just my generation, but perhaps two generations before that. I applaud the fact that The Umbrella Project has taken the time to help us all get on our feet. Here is how it works…

You, as well as your whole family can take a ten minute assessment. After the assessment, you will receive a guide that will walk you through how you can emphasize your strong skills and begin working on your weaker ones. Above is the assessment Umbrella. After the assessment it will show all of the areas that you need to work on and all of the areas that you are strong in. It’s actually pretty amazing! You can share the experience with your children, students, spouse, or anyone that you want to share it with. There are many who would not think of going it alone, but with a shared experience, many will be willing to participate. So why don’t you invite someone to join you. Both of you will be glad you did!

Toys and Puzzles that Support Childhood Brain Development

Life is full of challenges. As an adult, we know we must find a way to solve the problem, but children will sometimes avoid the problem because they have not honed their solving skills. The Umbrella Project guides them through the problems within themselves and these are stepping stones to solving bigger problems that will eventually come in life. Your journey through life will put you in places that you never would have gone, but through the trials, we become who we are. And in some cases, we become a better person. When we become better people, the world becomes a better place. I for one am glad I found The Umbrella Project. Here is where you can learn more about it: The Umbrella Project.

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