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Why People do Vaginal Bleaching

Vaginal bleaching is a process which women can choose to undergo in order to change the color of their vagina. It is often performed to make the vagina look brighter…


7 Fun Activities for Kids

Even though boxing is considered to be a game for adults, a lot of kids are showing their interest and curiosity in this game these days. It is a physical…


Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Breastfeeding is not only a process involved in feeding a child, or just the act of a child latching on to his or her mother’s breast. It is a way…


Brady Bunch Bliss: Tips for Blended Families

Congratulations! You and your kids are moving in with your serious partner or new spouse’s family. No matter how well you get along when hanging out, living together will always…


Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play

Your three-year-old son can read on a third-grade level? How? Just this past weekend, I saw my three-year-old son, Cory, reading a book to his Sunday School teacher and a…


Tips to save money on kids’ clothes

Photo credit: Kids grow fast, and they outgrow clothes faster than they can wear them. If you’re tired of spending a small fortune on clothes for your kids, use…