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It’s Free At Last 50K Facebook Fan Celebration Giveaway

It’s Free At Last 50K Facebook Fan Celebration Giveaway!

It’s Free At Last 50K Facebook Fan Celebration ~~ Enter to win multiple prizes! (Ends 04/30/14)

50K Fans
It’s Free At Last has hit a mega-milestone of 50,000 fans on Facebook. To help celebrate this milestone, here is a MEGA-Giveaway of prizes.Continue Reading

$100.00 Hapari Swimwear Gift Card Sweepstakes!

$100.00 Hapari Swimwear Gift Card Sweepstakes! Distinctive and beautiful, Hapari swimwear is designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty – no matter her shape. At Hapari, they believe that every woman should look and feel great while having fun in the sun! And that is why Hapari Swimwear is created from the finest fabrics and withContinue Reading

GiveForward – Helping Families in Times of Need

GiveForward – Helping Families in Times of Need I can tell you first hand this year that when times get hard that it can be near impossible to make ends meet. In December my husband was laid off from his job. This not only brought our family of six to depend on just my incomeContinue Reading

How To Get Fit And Keep Up With The Kids In 3 Months

flickr credit   Keeping up with young children is hard work, and many of us have had that chest pounding feeling of doom as we fight for breath after a game of football, or after chasing them on the beach. There comes a time in every parents life when they decide something must be doneContinue Reading

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit I used to spend A LOT of money going to have my nails done. It was a weekly commitment that I loved. It was my little escape and a special way to spoil myself. This got a little expensive and when the kids were born it was theContinue Reading

Michael Todd-Beauty At Its Best-The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

  In my home stocking stuffers are one of our holiday rituals. Every year on Christmas Eve we go stocking stuffer shopping. We seek out unique and fun gifts and stuff those stocking jammed pack with fun! And on Christmas morning we can’t wait to dig into those stockings. This year, I found some stockingContinue Reading

Indianapolis Colts Build A Bear!

Born and raised in Indianapolis it only seems right to be a die-hard Colts fan. I come from a long line of Indianapolis Colts fans and it seems only fair to keep pushing the family towards rooting for the Colts. So I must say I was thrilled beyond believe when Build A Bear came outContinue Reading

4 Cool Things You Can Do To Keep The Entire Family Healthy In 2014

After such a heavy Christmas, many people are still carrying around a few extra pounds, and this is why it’s important you start taking action before the summer arrives. You’ll want to look your best when wearing those light clothes you’ve been saving, and so with your entire family, so you must make a planContinue Reading

Grow Your Business-Use Video Marketing

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Ways to unplug

Unplug it, switch it off or simply leave it in a drawer or spare room – powering down your digital devices can be the perfect chance to reconnect with friends and family.  The widespread and apparently irresistible rise of electronic gadgetry over the past few years has fundamentally changed the way we live of lives,Continue Reading