Magicube People for Creative Play


As a mother, I am always trying to find toys that broaden my children’s minds. Sometimes it is elaborate toys and sometimes old favorites. Though with Geomagworld we have the luxury of taking an old favorite that has been turned into something a little more magical! Magicube is like the cubes we use to build, but with a fun twist! 

I simply adore the Magicube People. They are magnetized on each side so they can easily be put together in any way. They can match the person together and then mix and match! I think that is always my little ones favorite things to do. Not the normal matching, but the fun one. They want to see what they can create. 

Create different characters and have fun with play. Maybe even help them create a story for each new character they create. Then create some stories for the proposed figure matchup. There are so many options when it comes to playing with these Magicube People. 

I have written about Geomagworld before, even about their Magicube 1+. These are phenomenal products that keep your children engaged. Who does not love an old gem reimagined for your children? I wish the cubes I had growing up were magnetized, imagine all of the fun I could have had. 

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Subhashish Roy
1 year ago

Magicube is perhaps one of the best ways for the child to learn fast, without the stress and playfully. Kids of today I believe are so lucky.

1 year ago

Oh, my son would enjoy these. He’s a silly boy and would make so many funny creations with these.

Viano Dee
1 year ago

I’ve got to say that this is really nice. It will help kids learn faster, broaden their minds and I believe also spark up their creativity. I like it.

1 year ago

These look like so much fun and kids will love them. I love educational toys for kids.

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing about this educational toy! Kids play & this does a lot to help them learn. Having the right type of toys at the right age is crucial to their success and future!

1 year ago

What a neat idea for a toy! I wish these were around when my kids were little. This would be a neat gift for my niece.


This sounds great. My kids would love it. Will look it up some more. Kids have all sorts of things to keep them busy these days.

Mary Joyce Tolentino

this is such a nice toy, i’d like to give my kids educational toys and this will really be one of the toys I need to introduce him,. thanks for sharing

9 months ago

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