The Bridge Direct for your Holiday Gift Giving Needs



The Bridge Direct is great for toys, this Holiday Season.

There’s so much to choose from, including:  Strawberry Shortcake, Shopkins Kinstructions, Mini Arcade Games, Paper Plane Launchers, NBA Contruction Toys, Thomas & Friends, and more.


Shopkins Kinstructions are a great starter pack, for any child.  My son loves Shopkins Kinstructions.  He started collecting them, when his 6 year old cousin started.  He’s 5, and knows a lot about them.  The Shopkins Kinstructions Food Fair Truck is awesome.  Jacob plays with it everyday.  And the price is perfect. 

Shopkins Kinstructions Food Fair Truck is the perfect place for Shopkins characters to hang out!  The Food Truck includes a mini table and chairs and “mix & match” figures including Taco Terrie, Frank Furter, Millie Shake and Ice Cream Dream.


The Mini Arcade Games includes the titles “Pac-man and Space Invaders”.  Jacob and my husband, Joe, love these games.  Joe says he remembers playing them as a kid, and Jacob, age 5, is getting the hang of them now.  This is a great investment, and will bring your child, and husband, a lot of joy.

you have the mini Joystick, and can move around, just like you, did back in the day.  These are really worth picking up.  For you, or someone you love, will love these games.


Strawberry Shortcake brings back childhood memories.  I had the entire collection.  And, the rag dolls were my favorite.  I love all Strawberry Shortcake, and the smell of them.  It’s not over powering, but more like just right.  My daughter even played with my Strawberry Shortcake dolls.


I have to get another rag doll though.  They were my favorite, and Raspberry Tart still is my favorite.  I would love to have another one, to bring my childhood back to life.  Where there were no issues, or hurt.

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