Let Magicube 1+ from Geomag Help your Child’s Mind Grow


As our children grow they learn. It is so important to help your kids brains along on the learning path as early as possible. With Goemag they have something pretty amazing called Magicube 1+. Imagine colored, Fruit, Animals, and Transportation cubes to build as they see fit. 

Magicube 1+ Geomag

Let Their Imaginations Soar

So amazing with the magnetic quality that makes it easy for our little ones to build. Any angle or design they can achieve if they desire it. Helps them learn to put the pictures together in fun ways, and create their own ideas from their imagination. 

These cubes are meant for children 1 ½+. With the magnets, it can help your child build in new ways. This is like building with blocks but in a fun new way! This is one way to help your child with hand-eye coordination along with helping their minds grow in building pictures they know. 

There are many fun ways to build and Geomag helps with that. The sets of Magicube 1+ will come with cards for alternate ways to play. This will give your child hours of entertainment along with helping them learn. 

Learn from Play

There is no better way to learn than from play. When children enjoy something it is easier to learn. My daughters are not fans of learning something that is boring. So I am constantly left with trying to find fun and engaging ways to help their brains grow and continue to be educated. 

Geoworld has so many options for your children to learn, but I love where Magicube +1 starts out little ones out. They get to learn pretty much off the bat. The little cubes are a great fit for their little hands, and the magnets help it so it does not fall over and the cubes stay in place. 

They get to learn and grow their imagination. Create what they like and not have to worry about the pesky cubes not staying in place. Watching them build and have fun is an amazing part of being a parent. Growing memories with them and helping them learn. Nothing more amazing in this world. 

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4 years ago

So true helping our children build ideas is the real deal, of course that’s the whole idea of parenting..keep up.

Jaana McEntee
4 years ago

This magic cube is so great! I wish we would of have it when my kids were so young age, they really enjoyed building blocks 🙂

Viano Dee
4 years ago

This is really nice and helpful. It is also fun and educative. Kids will really love it.

Annemarie LeBlanc
4 years ago

I like toys that teach kids how to problem solve. It is a skill that would help them in their adult life. I will look into this magicube toy and get this for my grandson. I am sure he will love it.

4 years ago

Learning from play is such an important thing for young children. Thanks for introducing Geoworld to us mommies with young kiddos.

4 years ago

This is so cool! I love that there are so many neat toys available now. I don’t remember having this many cool options when my oldest was younger. I’ll have to share this with my friends who have youngsters.

Paula Stewart
4 years ago

My granddaughter will be one in November and I have already started looking for birthday and Christmas gifts for her. The fact that these have magnets makes them unique and more fun.

4 years ago

I argue with what you wrote about letting your child learn and play and for them learning to use the imagination on solving.

4 years ago

the toy looks wonderful for kids! My younger niece loves similar toys the most, even more than dolls that is frankly a bit surprising.

BushraZ Blogs
4 years ago

Learn from play great idea👍👌 I had taught my nephew number while playing with him…😇

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