Geomag Classic Opens Their Minds


I love giving my children unique things to play with. Geomag has so many options available that help our children’s minds grow. There is truly no shortage of what they bring to our children’s mind. With their Geomag Classic, it brings creativity through play. 

Geomag Classic allows your children to build in any shape. Their imagination is all that limits them. There are many colors and pieces to choose from. Magnetic bars, metal balls, and colored panels are all included to create any design your child can think of. 


Your child can create a solid design. It can be a building, abstract sculpture, or just amazing 3D structures. With the different shaped panels of pentagonal, square and triangles there is no end to the possibilities. 

Creating these different ideas in their minds using the panels, balls, and bars will engage their mind. Helping their creativity and ingenuity through simple play. These high-quality, swiss-made magnetic products are all your kid needs to grow their minds and teach them new ways of doing things. 


As parents, we strive to give our kids an edge in life. We want them to succeed and do their best. Sometimes something as simple as play can do just that. Encourage them with the right tools and you can watch their brains flourish. Geomag Classic is a great option to help you engage your child’s mind through play. 

The different shapes and designs they can create will bring your children so much enjoyment. The beauty of the magnets allows them to combine these structures together in a wide range of ways. Create beautiful unique pieces of art to share with you. 


Open Up Creativity

My daughter is an artist. She loves to paint and draw and create unique things to showcase. There is no shortage of my daughter trying to build things or create something amazing. With these pieces, she is able to have an easier time creating unique things and if she does not like it, or just wants something different. She can take it apart and start all over again building something else incredibly unique.  

She enjoys the different colors. They even have glow in the dark options that excite her tremendously. Geomag Classic is something that brings her joy and her younger sister has even taken a liking to them. She is more of a create and destroy type, but it is something great they can do together. Learning and broadening their development. 

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1 year ago

These are like super magnatiles, without any of the limitations! Excellent product and great review. I have 3 littles under 3 so this is something that will likely end up under our Christmas tree!

Romy Schorr
1 year ago

The kids in my family would love these! They’re great for stimulating creativity, and look like a lot of fun!

1 year ago

These are so cool! The different shapes will stimulate imagination in young minds! Lots of fun building with these!

1 year ago

I love creative toys like this that really leave room for their imagination to flourish. I am pretty sure my kids would love these

1 year ago

the game looks great! it definitely is not dubm and is good for kids. As an adult I might enjoy a game as well

1 year ago

This is the kinda toys that i love to get to my kids, as you rightfully said, it opens their minds and help with their development.

Yeah Lifestyle
1 year ago

I love toys that help build my child’s creativity and it teaches them play via learning as well. Geomag looks like a great toy for any child

1 year ago

My daughters love things like this. I’ll check them out! They would make a great gift.

Kara Guppy
1 year ago

My kids love these and I am always amazed by the creations they make

Nicole Bertrand
1 year ago

These are cool! My kids have magnetic blocks, but not ones like this with the little balls and sticks to take their playing to the next level. Very cool!

David Elliott
1 year ago

I know we have something similar out here like this. This looks like a great product for sure. It’s great getting your child to open up their mind and think of different ways to create.

1 year ago

This looks like so much fun! And would make great gifts for the holidays I bet!

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

It is a classic game for kids, I want to purchase it.

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