7 Principal Tips on How to Buy Wine on a Budget


Buying a bottle of wine for dinner is common to most wine enthusiasts especially if they are on a diet, but for some people, it might not be high on the list of priorities mainly because of the price. Still, there are some people who always spend some amount of their money just to purchase one bottle of wine despite a tight budget. Why? Because they really love wine that their week won’t run unless they drink a glass of their favorite wine.

Having a glass of wine with dinner is almost a ritual for most people. One of their major reasons is that wine is good for their health when drunk in moderation. Many experts suggest that everyone should include wine as part of their healthy diet. According to MSNBC, phytochemicals found in red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and even prevent the possible Alzheimer’s disease.

Wine also contains a high amount of antioxidants which help to prevent or slow the damage to cells caused by free radicals. There are numerous health benefits you can gain from drinking wine in moderation. A tight budget is not a hindrance to getting these health benefits. Fit your favorite wine into your budget by following these helpful tips.

Purchase a Wine By Case

If there is really a bottle of wine that you love, better purchase it by case especially if you drink wine as part of your regular basis. There are a lot of stores that will give you a 10 percent discount if you purchase it by case.

Go for  a Lower Price

We can’t deny the fact that most wines are very expensive, but you can still find some budget-friendly wines and don’t be afraid to purchase it as long as the store is legible. Many people think buying wine needs an extra amount of money which is not true. There are wineries that have started selling wines at lower prices. You can visit your local wine merchant to find some affordable yet high-quality wines.

Choose a Boxed Wine

Not just because it’s affordable, boxed wine is also easy to recycle which makes it eco-friendly. Boxed wine is affordable compared to some bottled wines. One of your primary advantage of buying a boxed wine is that it doesn’t allow air to touch the wine. Allowing air into the wine will affect its fine quality. It will just destroy the quality of the wine. Boxed wines stay fresh for about six weeks.

Write Down Everything

Take notes of the wine you taste for future references. If you find the taste good for your taste buds, write it down. If you find the flavor of the wine unappealing for your taste buds, write it down to a small notebook as well. It would be a great help for the future. This will prevent you from buying the same wine that you don’t want, and remind you of the wines that once delight your taste buds.

Wait for a Store to Put their Wine on Sale

Usually, supermarkets put their wine and other products on sale during the holiday season. Grab this opportunity from your local stores. It would be a great help. Choose the wine with a large discount. If you see a wine that you are not familiar with, but you still want to purchase, go and get it. Never miss a chance. If you don’t want the taste, you can sell it to other wine enthusiasts that are interested and of course, with an additional price.

Join a Warehouse Club

Another helpful tip to join a warehouse club. Warehouse often sell wines with a great discount for their loyal clients or members of their club. They will also provide a list of all available wine that will help you decide if you are inexperienced with buying wine.

To be part of a warehouse club, you will need a membership to gain entry. The price varies from club to club. It is often worth spending some amount of your money ta o warehouse club and buy some wine or make groceries instead of buying an individual item from the other stores.

Ask the Retailer to Taste the Wine First

Don’t be afraid to ask if you can taste the wine first before buying it. This way, you can avoid spending a great amount of your money on the wine you don’t enjoy. Another way is to ask the seller for advice on what would be the best wine you can purchase from them. Let them know what is your price range as well as your taste preference.


Rioja Wines, the affordable yet lovely and youthful wines are one of the leading wines you can find wine stores that you will surely embrace. The store clerk may recommend this.

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