Why You Should Buy A McLaren Scooter


In this fast-paced world, we want the simple answer and we want it now. I can give you the simple and quick answer, however if you read the full article, you will receive a more in-depth response as to why. The short and simple answer as to Why You Should Buy A McLaren Scooter is: because they are built to last, they look as good as they feel, and it will put a great big smile on you child’s face! There’s the link and there’s your answer. Now for the rest of us that want to obtain a more informed decision, let’s look further into what makes “The McLaren Difference”.

McLaren was founded in 1963, but way before that, Bruce McLaren had a dream to make the best. And now that dream lives on. They want to instill that dream and that commitment into everyone. Your child will experience a thrill that cannot be obtained by walking or running. They will learn balance and how to maneuver. These are great for their eye-hand coordination, but much more is taking place from within… a sense of accomplishment and joy. This new found mobility translates into FUN! So let’s take a look at the McLaren McS03 Scooter.

A very aesthetic wheel with fenders to keep the road debris off of you and your Scooter. There is also a shock absorber to eliminate some of the jolts so they won’t hampering your driving. This is one of the few scooters on the market with a shock absorber on it. Let me know in the comments if you know of another one. This Scooter is the only one I could find with a shock absorber built in.

Incorporated in the rear fender is a braking system. This is a great feature for safety reasons. It also has an anti-slip surface on the floorboard to eliminate slipping off of the scooter while driving. And speaking of driving, this is a great way to introduce them to driving. Driving is what McLaren is all about. Driving is and will always be the passion of McLaren. They are always excited to introduce driving to everyone, no matter what their age they are.

The McLaren McS03 Scooter is a take-down model (which you can see), but it also has adjustable handle bars so that it can grow as your child grows. Also, if you have children of different ages, they could take turns on it and the handle bars will adjust to be the perfect height for everyone! Here is the image of the Scooter folded up:

As you can see, this makes it easier for storage, or for transporting it to your next destination. And it can go from this  to ready to ride in 2 seconds. Yeah, that’s back to the fast-paced life we live. If you’re like me, when you click the button on your computer, you want it to happen immediately, right? Well, I think being informed has it’s merits too, so a little time invested is worth the effort I think. And now you are more informed.

There are more Scooters to choose from at McLaren. Why don’t you follow this link:McLaren Scooters. It’s where you can order your own, and learn more about them. And if you want the lates information about them, you can click on the Social Media icon of your choice below. There is always something being posted. Enjoy!

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