How to Help Your Children Get Ahead in the World


We as parents are always looking for a way to help our children. Yes, hit the “EASY” button and they’re off and running making their mark on the world. Nothing can be that simple, but it’s nice to know that Trufluency Kids is just a click away.

Trufluency Kids is an on-line course that your children can take at their own pace and learn from qualified helpful teachers. This way, they never have to leave the safety of their own home to learn. And, they also learn along side of other students so that they can interact and learn the language in the same way that they learned their first language; by listening, repeating, and interaction with others.

Learning should be fun and exciting, and when you’re doing things because you want to, everything seems to come easier. You learn without even knowing you’re learning. Trufluency Kids has done all of the hard part; finding teachers, planned the curriculum,  lesson plans, and grouped everything so that ages and level of learning are all categorized. All you have to do is pick the time slot that suits your schedule best. Maybe this IS the Easy-Button.

Did you know that Spanish is the second most used language in the U.S. (1st is English). The odds of your children using Spanish is much greater than any other language. There are 21 countries in the world that have Spanish as their spoken language and many more which have a large population that speaks Spanish. If your child learns to speak Spanish, odds are they will use it sometime and will have a greater chance of communicating with others in the world. Traveling to other countries doesn’t seem so scary if you know how to speak their language.

So back to the original question, “How to help your children get ahead in the world?” One sure way is to enroll them in Trufluency Kids . Get them started learning another language and give them more opportunities to go farther, reach higher, and confidently go places that would otherwise only be a dream.

If you would like to learn more about this, then here is the link:

as always,… take care, be safe, and I hope you find this helpful…

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Lincoln Mullis
Lincoln Mullis
27 days ago

Requirements For The Uniqueness Of Your Diploma
Want some advice? Never ignore the requirements for the uniqueness of the thesis. And you will be happy. Plagiarism is fought hard and hard. In all fairness, the power of good in this case is not on the side of the student. With the development of technology, it will not work to take a finished job from a defended old friend from another university. This is why writing companies such as write my papers are so ubiquitous now. In this article, we will talk about the requirements for the originality of the text and the rules of verification.
How many percent of uniqueness do you need for thesis?
First of all, it is worth distinguishing between the concepts of “uniqueness” and “originality”. In the first case, it is implied that the text is exceptional, rare, unique. In the second case, the originality of the text means the original, genuine, original appearance. In any system, anti-plagiarism checks are based on these two categories. However, to be precise, the main guiding criterion is uniqueness. For this reason, many students use editing help from as much as possible. After all, the original, that is, the original and original text does not at all guarantee the absence of borrowings and the quantity exceeding the permissible norm.
Now let’s move on to specific numbers:

  1. Bachelor’s thesis in the humanities, which claims to be “excellent” – 80-85 %, for less ambitious claims 75% is enough. For technical disciplines, the percentage is lower – 70-75% and 60-65%, respectively.
  2. A master’s thesis in the humanities must meet the criterion of 90-95% and above. For some, 10% can be subtracted from this figure. Authors of master’s theses in technical disciplines can be guided by the numbers 80-85%.
  3. For dissertations and scientific articles, the rule applies – the higher the better. Approximately these figures should be 90-95%, and the percentage of borrowings from one source is minimal. Such a high percentage is hard to achieve by yourself, so consider write my papers for your paper assignments.
  4. Term papers require less effort – 75% or more uniqueness will suffice. This is the average. Many universities set the limit much higher, for example, at 87-90%.
  5. Student essays are the easiest task in terms of uniqueness. 50-55% is more than enough, and in technical disciplines, the verification threshold has been reduced to 40% in general.

In addition to the requirements for uniqueness, the percentage of borrowings from one source is checked. It should not exceed 8-15% for bachelor’s projects, and 5-8% for master’s projects. Each university has its own, more specific numbers
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