Chalk Markers: Exploring Uses & Crafty Inspirations



Liquid chalk markers are a popular art product that provides a versatile and colorful option for artists and artisans. 

These pen-like instruments provide a chalk-like surface to vinyl chalkboards, dry-erase boards, and glass. 

Moreover, these markers are simple to apply, smooth, blendable, and will not smear or erase. They are vivid, erasable, and have a silky, liquid feel that differs from ordinary chalk or markers. 

Chalk markers are erasable on sealed surfaces, making them excellent for sign-making and other creative projects. 

You can also find water-based chalk markers safe for children’s use. They’re intended for non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, plastic, vinyl, porcelain, glass, metal, and whiteboards. 

However, you can also explore craft ideas for chalk markers on porous surfaces such as concrete, paper, and chalkboards.

What Are The Different Types Of Chalk Markers?

Now let us take a look at the different types of chalk markers you can find in the market—

1. Waterproof Chalk Marker

Waterproof chalk markers are long-lasting and UV-resistant, making them ideal for use on various surfaces, including automobile windows, painted components, plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, and stone. 

When dry, they resemble chalk and may be cleaned using Windex, a high-pH cleanser. Erasing industrial-level markings requires more work. 

The markers do not lift when re-coated and have a matte finish on porous surfaces, making them ideal for large-scale calligraphy. 

However, they can only be removed with Windex, kitchen cleansers, Zig Posterman Cleaner, Cohas Cleaning Solution, or most whiteboard cleaners, which require ammonia and a pH of 10 or above to be effective.

2. Wet Wipe Chalk Markers

Wet-wipe chalk markers are versatile and easily changed, suitable for surfaces like glass, plastic, blackboards, stone, and whiteboards. 

Moreover, these marks can be easily removed with a damp cloth or sponge. Thus, wet wipe markers are ideal for restaurant menus or special boards. 

However, they cannot be removed by brushing or rubbing, so water is the only method. 

Most chalk markers are wet-wipe-style, and if they are affected by water spray, food or beverage contact, or rain, waterproof semi-permanent markers are recommended. 

Wet-wipe markers are permanent on porous items, so testing your surface before use is essential. Most markers apply wet and dry within 1-2 minutes, making them suitable for indoor applications.

3. UV Chalk Markers

Illumigraph markers are top-quality paint markers that function similarly to wet wipes. They produce fluorescent colors under black lights, night lights, and LED boards. 

These markers appear as neon lines on lighting boards like backlit menu boards or LED Flashing Boards. 

Therefore, to remove markings, rub with a soft cloth and use a moist sponge or cloth for scratches or micro-scratching. 

Illumigraph markers differ from Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe, Markal Pro-Wash W, and most other brands. They don’t spill or dribble when loaded, making them an excellent substitute for LED Flashing boards. 

Moreover, these markers are cleaner, brighter, and broader, allowing for bolder messaging. They are the best option for board maintenance since they are long-lasting, convenient, and efficient.

Crafty Inspirations

Now, let us explore some of the crafty ideas that you can try with chalk markers—

DIY Chalkboard Signs

You can explore many ideas with a chalkboard and some chalk markers.

One such idea is transforming cardboard into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint. This can be an affordable and versatile way to add graphic style to your home. 

Moreover, sealing the chalkboard with regular or alcohol-free hairspray can prevent smudging or accidental erasure. 

You can use DIY chalkboard signs for various purposes, such as weddings, baby showers, and home decor. 

For instance, at a wedding, a chalkboard can display the timeline, food menu, bridal party names, directions for a photo booth, parking information, and a love story. 

All in all, chalk art and chalkboards are cost-effective ways to add graphic style to your home.

Calligraphy & Lettering

Chalk markers are versatile tools perfect for calligraphy and lettering. They come in various tip sizes, with thinner tips ideal for writing, finer drawing, and thicker tips for coloring. 

Some markers even have reversible nibs, which make consistent lettering easier. Kassa markers, for example, have a chisel and bullet tip that are perfect for calligraphy. 

The chisel and bullet reversible nib make DIY lettering easier. Chalk markers work well on non-porous surfaces. 

Doodles & Illustrations

Are you looking for versatile pen-like tools for glass, chalkboard, vinyl, and dry-erase boards? Look no further than chalk markers! 

These colorful markers are perfect for creating messages and drawings on various surfaces and are great for use in calendars, lists, and fridge door warnings. 

Extra fine-tip markers are ideal for crisp text and highly detailed work. They are designed for use on non-porous surfaces. 

Window Art

Chalk markers are colored wet-erase markers that may be used on various non-porous surfaces such as glass, mirrors, whiteboards, and windows. They are simple to use, colorful, and quick to clean. Some window artists choose white chalk markers because of their new appearance. 

Chalk Ink’s liquid chalk markers are ideal for writing and drawing on any surface, including glass. 

They are simple to remove off nonporous surfaces, making them ideal for creating temporary art on windows. 

Paint markers dry slowly, allowing for more lasting creative alterations. Chalk markers resemble whiteboard markers and are erasable on sealed surfaces, making them excellent for sign-making or general craft applications.

Rock Painting

Rock painting is a great activity for the whole family and can keep kids engaged for hours. 

Chalk markers and acrylic paint pens work well for painting on rocks, slate, plastic, glass, and metal, especially with kids. 

Other supplies include paintbrushes, permanent markers, stickers, and a clear sealer. Acrylic paint is permanent and doesn’t require sealing, but you can use a spray-on gloss varnish for a glossy finish. 

Chalk markers and acrylic paint pens are perfect for drawing on natural materials, making it an ideal art activity for the whole family.

Explore Your Creativity

Place dried glass panels on a display stand with 0.5-1cm space between them to create three-dimensional artwork. 

Encourage students to use their imagination when creating their store’s signs and present these signs to make them feel proud. 

As the school year and standardized testing end, utilize our list of elementary art lessons to teach creative thinking skills using chalk markers. 

We offer bulk chalk markers in various colors and sizes for art studios, classrooms, or personal use. These markers are perfect for projects of all sizes.

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