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I have a home full of pets and they are loved like my children. The downside is they can sometimes stink. My Alaskan Malamute Willow is probably the stinkiest, but she is also the biggest. 108lbs of fluff and love. FunkAway has helped me to eliminate her stink from the home while keeping her just as happy as always. 

You have probably read my previous posts about eliminating smells from your vehicle and your gym gear. I can not rave about FunkAway enough. It makes sure all the funky smells disappear and are not just covered up!

FunkAway Dog in Bed

My Process

Her dog bed was a huge culprit of smell! I take the cover off and throw it in the washing machine with The Laundry Detergent Booster and then I spray the insert with The Pump Spray until it is wet and let that air dry. Once that is dry and the cover has run through the wash I put it back together and it is back to smelling like new! Luckily Willow is not a completely funky smelling dog, but after a while, she can cause some dog smells everywhere. 

I also found out that when I am not at home, someone likes to take naps and roll around on my couch. She is not allowed on the furniture. Willow takes advantage while I am out to play on all the furniture she can. I started finding her hair and realizing my couch was smelling like her. She did not really amuse me when I started finding out about her shenanigans. So I treated that as well to eliminate her smell and my couch was back to smelling better than new. 

FunkAway Dog Car Smell

Don’t Forget Your Vehicle

Your home is not the only place an animal can stink up the place. Your car is a big smell absorber as well. I take Willow everywhere I am able to take her. Willow comes on hikes and to the park and if I am just taking a quick trip to the store around the corner. She loves it and the whole town knows my dog anyways. She gets stopped regularly for pets. 

The biggest compliment I get about her, other than how beautiful she is, is that she smells good. I don’t know how they think that, but the one thing I think helps is where she sleeps and plays is always cleaned to smell good. It can’t cause her to be stinky by making her surroundings stinky. 

FunkAway keeps her smelling fresh along with my home and truck. My animals can be particularly stinky and I don’t like to have an animal smelling house. I don’t want people to walk in my home and KNOW I have pets. The only signs of my pets I want people to know is when Willow greets them at the door, not the smell. Not because it smells in here. 

FunkAway Malamute

My Go-To Pet Smell Products

The Laundry Booster and The Pump Spray are my go-to tools for keeping the pet smells at bay. If you have a pet and don’t love the funky way they make everything smell like dog or cat. FunkAway can help with that. No one wants to get a ride from you and smell your dog if she is not along for the ride. I also can’t say I want my home to smell like it either, and that is why I trust Funkaway.

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Mother of two beautiful daughters that keep her busy. She also has an eclectic home full of animals. Currently has 2 dogs Trixie (13 yrs old) a terrier mix and Willow (3) an Alaskan Malamute. There are currently 3 cats that own her Cali (16), Catniss EverPurr (4), and Fizzgig a kitten who is the biggest dictator of all. Last, but certainly not least, Morton a chinchilla (10). Wren enjoys home improvement projects and is always doing something on the fly if it is repainting all her cabinets or ripping out the carpets, she enjoys the challenge and loves improving her home. Most people on the internet know her as Leotastic or Leo for short. She streams video games on Twitch and/or Mixer and truly enjoys the community there. In her free time, she plays Dungeons and Dragons with her friends or goes out and sings terrible karaoke.

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4 years ago

Im going to need few bottles of that ! for the last 10 days we are taking care of the neighbors springer spaniels and let me tell you i need to deodorize the house and the car asap

sabrina barbante
4 years ago

This sounds like a great product I really must buy for my friends with pets: they always tell me there are elements such as curtains and sofas where the odors of their pets can’t be eliminated

Mandi Morrison
4 years ago

Thanks so much for recommending this. We have a Newfoundland puppy, so know only too well how doggy smells can permiate the home.

Viano Dee
4 years ago

I like the name Funkaway. It’s like spray that funk away. Lol. Interesting read.

4 years ago

Great tip about the Funkaway products. Thank you! My super adorable Whiskey dog may be much smaller than yours, but with all the outdoor fun she gets to have, she gets a little smelly, too. Aaaaaaand she also like to (apparently) check out a few forbidden comfy furniture pieces when I’m not home. 😉