Five Ways German Shepherds Are the Perfect Family Dog



As the owner of now not one, but TWO, German Shepherds, as well as the mother of five kids, I can speak from personal experience about the joy these dogs bring to our home. If you are wondering what the benefits are of having a German Shepherd in the family I can tell you there are many traits that make them excellent dogs. I’ll always own one for me and my family and here’s why.

Smart and Attentive to Your Family’s Personality

When you have a well-bred German Shepherd from lines with proven health and temperament, you know you’re getting an intelligent dog who can adapt to your family’s unique situations. We had a time in our lives when my husband worked overnights and he would leave the house just as the kids were going down to bed. Once Sidney left, Sabor stepped into protector mode and would sleep in front of the front door. When Sidney is home, however, he sleeps in the hallway where he can see the doors of all the bedrooms. This easy adaptation to the specific situation makes them able to fit into any unique family situation and dynamic.

They Work Hard So Give Them a Job

These dogs are bred to work. Train them, or have Mittelwest help you with the training, and your German Shepherd will be much happier. Sabor has made his job watching out for the kids. He is happiest when he is by their side and they are under his watchful eye. And even as active as our family is with five kids running hither and yon, he is able to keep up!

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Posted by Mittelwest German Shepherds on Friday, March 16, 2018

They Play Hard! Perfect for Encouraging Active Play With Your Kids

When you buy a healthy puppy from a quality breeder like Mittelwest you are getting an active, high drive dog. Their activity level requires daily play time which is perfect if you have kids like me! Fetch, tug, and “hide and seek” are all excellent ways to stay active and healthy, for ALL members of the family.

Safety and Deterring Intruders

I already mentioned how our German Shepherds are naturally protective and have those instincts to be that way. In most situations just their very presence changes the perception of others. My daughter is training for soccer and likes to jog around the block. We’ve had her take the dog with her because she’s much safer with him by her side. They have an imposing presence that is described by breed descriptions as “regal”. To take their protective instinct to the next level you can have them trained in protection work by a qualified trainer like Mittelwest German Shepherds.

Companionship and Attention to Their Owners

German Shepherds are incredibly attentive and make excellent companions. When one of my children is sick or feeling a little down about something, inevitably I’ll find one of our dogs laying right by them trying to comfort them. They are happiest when they are within eyesight of their people.

If you are looking for a fun, loyal, and active companion to join your family, you will love a well-bred German Shepherd. See available puppies or dogs from Mittelwest German Shepherds by visiting their website or connecting with them on Facebook

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Bethany Birchridge
6 years ago

I love that German Shepherds are naturally protective. I’ve been wanting to get a dog, but I haven’t been sure which breed to get. How easy was it to train your German Shepherd?

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