4 of the Best Beaches to visit in France


Planning to go to France? Visiting France would not be complete without marveling in its beautiful beaches. Here are 4 of the best beaches in France that you wouldn’t want to miss:


  • Plage du Petit Spérone


This beautiful beach is located at Pointe de Sperone, Bonifacio, France. It’s a small hidden beach that’s only around 100 meters long and is located away from the winds and facing east. If you want to enjoy this beach, make sure you’re up for a lot of walking. Parking is a bit challenging and the beach front is a good 10-minute walk from the parking space, but the view is surely rewarding. The beach is adorned with glimmering turquoise waters and fine white sand. The waters are shallow too making it ideal for families with children. Aside from swimming, snorkeling is another great activity for people who want to visit Plage du Petit Sperone. The beach is thriving with marine life so don’t forget you gear when you get there!


  • La Cote de Basques


Historically, La Cote de Basque is a favorite among the foreign nobles, the rich and famous, and the Basques themselves (hence the name). Today, it’s a haven for surfers and tourists looking for a refreshing beach with unique historic architecture surrounding it. It’s an interesting place that’s flourishing with life even with its under-developed facade. There are lots of bars and restaurants to choose from, and the great landscape with surely take your breath away.


  • Plage de Palombaggia


This beautiful Corsican beach is definitely an ideal place to be. Located at Porto-Vecchio, Plage de Palombaggia offers crystal blue waters and soft white sand. Being one of the most popular beaches in Corsica, it gets crowded a lot, especially in July. But despite this, it remains one of the best and most visited and surprisingly has room for everyone even in peak months. As with any tourist spot, parking can be a hassle for most. If you don’t like the crowds though, Palombaggia may not be for you.


  • Plage du Sillon


At 3 kilometers long, Plage du Sillon is the biggest beach in the Saint-Malo area. Because of its length, it’s divided into three beaches: Rochebonne, Hoguette, and the Grand beach. With this big of a stretch, you’re sure to find a lot of space to roam or relax. Even with the many tourists flocking over during peak season in the summer, the beach remains to be of great quality. The water is always clean, it’s good for swimming, kite flying, wind surfing, and sand yachting. Watching the tides rise and fall during the day will help you plan out your activities for the day. When the tide is high you can swim, or walk along the waterside. When the tide is low you can enjoy playing in the sand, flying kites, or playing beach ball. This amazing beach is home to a beautiful stretch of sand and an amazing panoramic view.

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