5 Habits That Make Your Online Personal Data Vulnerable


Account hacking, identity theft, stealing of personal and financial data – these are all real crimes that can happen to anyone of us. We are all responsible for our own cyber security, because, in most cases, our own mistakes and carelessness enable these crimes against us. Unfortunately, not so many of us are duly informed about the dangers of sloppy online behavior. Most of the online crimes can be prevented by eliminating a few bad online habits.  

5 Habits That Make Your Online Personal Data Vulnerable

Top 5 Detrimental Online Habits

Here are some of the harmful habits that make us vulnerable to online crimes like hacking and identity theft.

  1. Memorizing passwords in browsers. Actually, most of our detrimental password habits are connected with our fruitless efforts to memorize them. For example, if you:
  • Use the same password in every app and social network
  • Write down passwords on pieces of paper or keep them in a file on your computer
  • Pass your passwords to relatives and friends
  • Use short passwords

you are among those most likely to be hacked. Keep your passwords only in your head, make them different, but easy to memorize by association. Most casino online winners memorize their casino website passwords very carefully because it keeps their winnings safe in their accounts and prevents their passwords from ending up in someone else’s hands.

  1. Ignoring updates. Most of the apps and operating systems either install updates automatically or constantly remind you to update them. All the software must be regularly updated because updates contain important security measures that have been developed in response to new emerging threats. And forgetting to update software puts your device at risk.
  2. Opening emails and links from unknown sources. If you open every link that people send you, you should really drop this habit. Most viruses are transmitted through messages in emails and social networks, and they can only enter your system once you allow them to.
  3. Forgetting to sign out. This is a dangerous habit, especially if you forget to sign out on another person’s computer or in a club. If you use your computer or device to play online casino, like Mr.Green Casino, you need to make sure you always log out before you leave.  
  4. Signing up to third-party applications with your social media account. We often use third party websites or applications, which offer us an option to register under our Facebook profile. By doing so, we willingly give up our personal data to another website, whose security may not be unbreachable. Since our social media accounts are the ones that contain most of our personal information, it is important to keep them as secure as possible. And this means that we need to keep them away from third party applications.

All in all, the main rule for cyber security simple: you can never be too careful. Once you get rid of all the dangerous online habits and teach yourself to be vigilant, you will not have to be afraid or hacks anymore.

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