How to Plan/Make My Trip using Honeymoon Packages?


Being wanderlust is an emotion to many, but when you are going on a honeymoon with your better half, the feeling can be totally different. There is only love and love all around. To spice things up, an exotic location would make things even more romantic. Be it a beach vacation or a trip to the hills or a few moments of thrills spent under an open sky in a desert, you need to plan your honeymoon trip well in advance. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind such as choosing the destination, booking air tickets, hotel rooms and the places that you would want to visit. To make things easier, it would be best to opt for the reliable online platforms and see what options you have in hand. There are numerous websites that can help by providing the best of honeymoon packages and they include everything. Starting from exotic locations to booking flight tickets and confirming the hotel that you will be staying, you can get everything. But there are few things that you need to keep in mind in order to plan the trip well. Here are few guidelines that will help.

Planning the first half of the trip

Before everything else, it is important to select the location of the honeymoon destination. Most couples choose the beaches as their honeymoon destination and it would be a dream come true for you and your partner if you can choose one of the virgin islands using the MakeMyTrip coupons. In addition to the location, following are some of the things that you can plan and keep a secret from your partner:

  • Book a honeymoon suite in the hotel where you are staying. Make sure that it has a great view of the ocean or the mountains depending on the location that you choose. Choose a package that provides well-decorated valentine or honeymoon suite only.
  • Apart from arranging a surprise candlelit dinner through the honeymoon packages, also ensure that you have ordered the highest rated champagne. If you can dine on the beach under the moonlight, then it would be more romantic.
  • Try to visit offbeat locations during your trip. Avoiding too many people is exactly what you need when you are with your partner. So, while booking for the packages ensure that you will be taken to the lesser crowded places.

Planning the second half of the trip

Planning the second half of the trip successfully is equally important because you would not want to end the trip on a low. So, given below are few tips to follow:

  • While enjoying your honeymoon packages in the decided destination, book personal rides to the airport instead of public transport. Moreover, you can pre-book a limousine from car hire services. That would be a great ending to your honeymoon trip, isn’t it?
  • While booking air tickets, always see that you are taking the window seat. If you are lucky enough, you can also be upgraded to business class too.
  • Besides booking the special honeymoon packages, buy a gift for your honeymoon trip and keep it a secret. Gift her that when you are on air flying to your destination. She will be really happy to get it. Try to gift her something unique. If she wanted something during the trip but had second thoughts while buying, make sure that you gift her items that would bring a smile to her face.

Planning a honeymoon trip can be really interesting. If you want to book a honeymoon package, you will come across various online sites that offer great deals. To avail more discounts, you can check the coupon codes from and can make your honeymoon a lifetime cherishable one. So, start planning for your honeymoon right from now and surprise your beloved with all the arrangements!

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