Our 2017 Beach Essentials Guide


With the weather warming up, most of us will be heading to the beach. If you are lucky you will live within easy driving distance of the sea and will be taking the kids for days out. Even if you live somewhere that is too far for beach day trips the chances are you are going to enjoy at least one beach holiday this year.

Either way, it is time to hit the shops, and stock up on beach essentials. So, most of you should find this post useful.

Sun protection

Perhaps the most important consideration is sun protection. According to Neil Box, Ph.D., who is a melanoma expert, even a single serious sunburn incident in childhood, can raise your risk of developing a melanoma, by around 50%.

Understandably, sun protection is at the top of most parents list. Buying good sun cream and applying it properly is extremely important. It is also a good idea to kit everyone out with a hat and proper sunglasses.

If you have a baby or toddler, it is really important to keep him or her cool. A lightweight buggy with a good parasol is ideal. Alternatively, take a beach umbrella or shade tent.


Next on the list is swimwear. Even if you are not planning to go swimming in the sea, the kids are going to want to paddle and enjoy exploring the rock pools.

You can find a fantastic selection of women´s swimwear, here. They stock a huge range of bikinis, tankinis, swimming costumes, and playsuits, which are ideal for the beach.

For the kids, swimming shorts are a particularly good option. They can be worn for the journey to the beach and because they dry quickly are OK to wear for lunch in a local cafe.


It is usually a good idea for everyone to have his or her own towel. That way each person has something to lie, or sit on, as well as a way to dry themselves. Generally, beach towels made from manmade materials are the best option. They are lightweight, fold up small, inexpensive and dry quickly.

Suitable footwear

You also need to kit everyone out with suitable footwear. For the children, a pair of swim shoes can be a good option. As well as being able to easily walk across the sand, their feet will be partially protected when they go swimming. For you, sandals or flip flops are good, but if you are driving remember to put a pair of suitable shoes in the car. This is because driving while wearing flip flops is extremely dangerous.

Cover up clothes

If the weather looks like it is going to be changeable pack something light that each person can slip on over their costume. It could be a playsuit, a sarong or even a light jumper and tracksuit bottoms.

That way, if the sun goes behind the clouds for half an hour you have not necessarily got to pack up and go home because everyone is getting cold. Instead, you can slip on the extra clothes, and play an active game, until the sun comes out again.


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