What It is Like to Live in Rockdale?


Rockdale is a beautiful town located on the outskirts of Sydney. It’s a 30-minute drive from Sydney CBD and just 10 minutes from Sydney airport. This suburb in Southern Sydney is well developed in terms of both residential and commercial sectors and can be a perfect base for people from different walks of life. It’s easy to understand why we have here families living for years and businesses running for over decades.

If you are planning to move to any of Sydney’s suburbs, this article should help you make an informed choice in case Rockdale is one of the options you are looking at.

Rockdale can be summed up in one word – under-rated. Rockdale is inhabited by people from different walks of life and they have been living here in complete harmony with each other for years and even decades. No matter if someone is a student, retiree, professional or married and has kids, Rockdale will embrace anyone wholeheartedly. From friendly neighborhoods to local shops where every household supply is available at cheap prices, you will not regret giving up a few additional benefits of living in a metropolitan city.

While there are hardly any cons that anyone could think of, let’s take a look at some of the points that make Rockdale a perfect suburb to settle in, once and for all.


Rockdale is well endowed with a transportation system that connects it to Sydney and other surrounding suburbs. You can travel to any part of this town via public transportation, but if you feel more comfortable in your own vehicle, you are less likely to get stuck in traffic, because there’s hardly any condition of traffic congestion in Rockdale.

This Suburb Finds Favour with Beach Lovers

If you are a beach lover and also looking for a home in Sydney’s suburbs, Rockdale is the perfect place for you. The sun-kissed beach of Rockdale attracts tourists and locals in great volumes and there are some lovely wide stretches of beach that are perfect for a morning jog or a romantic walk with your loved one.


Let’s not go winging about the facilities that Rockdale offers and come straight to the point. The suburb has shopping complexes and almost every clothing & accessories brand available to satiate shopaholics. You will easily find an electrician, a car mechanic, cleaning service and most importantly, rubbish removal Rockdale service – everything at your convenience for a reasonable price.

Clean & Fresh Air

Families that are more concerned about the environment will certainly heave a sigh of relief after knowing that Rockdale is counted among the cleanest and healthiest places to live in around Sydney. Most areas in Rockdale have avenues that not only keeps the sun at bay for the most part of the day but also provides fresh air to the residents.


Since Rockdale is not a countryside and is gradually becoming a well-endowed city, you can expect a little noise of passing vehicles in some areas. Also, it can be a little crowded during rush hours in certain areas. However, once you start living here, you will get familiar with the geography and other things that might influence your lifestyle. All in all, it’s a great place for anyone who is looking for a house or a commercial establishment on a budget.


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