10 Essential Tips to Keep Your Home Clean When Your Have Pets


If you feel the need to state a disclaimer about the cleanliness of your home when unexpected guests arrive, you probably have pets. While furry friends do light up your life and add laughter and joy to your home, cleaning up after the messes your pets make is a daunting and time-consuming chore. Here are some essential tips for keeping your home clean when you have pets. You might find here in WestieVibes what your pet dog needs

1.) Schedule Regular Baths

Pet odors permeate through the air and may deter guests from visiting if the smell is overwhelming. Scheduling regular baths for your pets every two to three weeks will minimize the stale dog or cat smell in your home and ensure that the air quality in your home is aesthetically pleasing.

2.) Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Investing in a top-quality vacuum cleaner will make cleaning up after your pets much easier. You will want to purchase a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power, so you do not have to do multiple passes or pull out additional tools to target the hair that may be left behind. A robotic vacuum cleaner is a great choice, because it does all the work for you while you run errands, go to your job or attend to other things around the home. You can schedule it to start and stop on a timer, and you can enter the room’s dimensions to ensure the entire space is vacuumed properly. You should vacuum several days a week to prevent the build-up of pet hair. Here is a great article on how to shop for the perfect vacuum for pet hair.

3.) Keep Lint Rollers in Every Room in Your Home

If you allow pets on your furniture and beds, you may want to keep portable lint rollers handy to take care of pet hair messes quickly without pulling out the vacuum cleaner. You can purchase disposable rollers or invest in reusable velvet rollers to pick up lint and fur off of pillows, couch cushions, beds and lamp shades.

4.) Clip Those Nails

Many pet owners do not realize the importance of keeping their pet’s nails trimmed. In addition to the health benefits to the animal, keeping nails trimmed short prevents puncture marks on upholstered furniture, minimizes marks to leather sofas and chairs and prevents marring of hardwood floors and snags to the carpet.

5.) Brush Your Fur Babies Often

Whether your pet has short or long hair, it is important to brush through the hair on a daily basis. While it may seem counterproductive, brushing your pet actually minimizes excessive shedding. It is also good for your pet because it evenly distributes natural oils and keeps the skin and fur healthy.

6.) Door Mats and Rugs

While there is no completely fool-proof method to keeping muddy paws clean, if you place a durable mat at the outdoor entrance of your home, it can help minimize the amount of dirt and mud your pet brings inside your home. An interior entryway rug adds an extra layer of protection from mud, dirt, fur and debris.

7.) Get Control of Toy Clutter

As much as you probably love spoiling your pooch by buying them new toys often, pets cannot pick up after themselves. Having all those toys strewn about your home can be rather unsightly. Keep a small basket or tote filled with your pet’s favorite toys, and regularly clean out old toys or ragged stuffed animals to keep clutter to a minimum.

8.) Keep Up to Date On Medications

Flea and tick prevention is very important to maintaining a clean home. A flea infestation can be very costly; you may have to purchase bombs, throw out carpets and invest in flea bath treatments to get rid of the problem. If you maintain a regimented schedule involving preventative flea and tick medications, you will probably never have to deal with an infestation.

9.) Wash Bedding and Rugs Regularly

Linens trap odors and dirt very easily. Wash rugs every month or so and bedding weekly to eliminate or minimize dingy pet odors.

10.) Hire Some Help

If you do not have the time to keep up on your pet’s messes, it may be worth it to hire a professional house cleaner. The return on investment is well worth it if you are short on time.

From pet hair to food messes and muddy footprints, pets are arguably the messiest occupants in your home. They may inevitably make their proverbial mark on your heart, but they also make their physical marks on your carpets and floors.

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