Few Spot On Differences Between Pets And Emotional Support Animals


Every animal has something to say”. The bird’s twittering, for instance, isn’t just a melodious sound that you hear. It’s actually a message that the bird is communicating to its peers. Having said that, we mean, like every human being every animal has feelings. That’s why a little care and love for animals especially for the pet and the emotional support animal go well with you. Interestingly, your love and care do not go waste. It indeed returns to you in more than one ways.

However, you should know that a pet and an animal for emotional support aren’t exactly the same though you often get to think both as the same. As a matter of fact, some of the homeowners in USA do not allow tenants with these animals. But, this is primarily on account of not knowing the fact here. We, therefore, take this opportunity to pinpoint some differences here between a pet and an animal for emotional support.

What is an emotional support animal?

It isn’t any animal similar to those that are kept as a pet or used for the purpose of laboratory tests. It is a companion animal that gives comfort to its owner especially the emotional support in distress or in the case of physical disability of the owner. Having said that, we mean, an emotional support animal doesn’t need to undergo a rigorous training like those meant to be a service animal. But, it must be well behaved and doesn’t pose any threat to anyone while living in the same environment such as the home.

The best part is that such an animal always remains in touch with its owner and keeps comforting him thereby helps to reduce mental stress and agony out of the solitude or anything else. On the flip side, a pet can be just any animal that would accompany its owner for amusement.

Who can keep this animal?

To keep an animal meant for emotional support, one must have some verifiable disability such as the intellectual disability, mental disability, or the physical disability. It further connotes that to keep this animal, one would need a certificate from the registered medical practitioner such as the psychiatrist. Keeping an animal for the emotional support has a special permission under the federal law. For instance, the 1988 Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act and section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act accord protection to tenants with such animals.

On the contrary, there is no rule with regard to keeping a pet. Having said that, we mean, anyone can keep a pet as long as he wants and any animal deserves to be a pet based on its owner’s liking and preferences. But, a pet must not pose any threat to the people or other animals that may come close to it. As a matter of fact, you get to see a lot of pets such cats, dogs, squirrel, and rodents in your niche market.

Keeping animals for an emotional support at home is congenial and advisable to those who have ever been subjected to or maybe suffering from any kind of recognizable stress or disability.

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