Why Noggins Should be on your School Supply List


When you’ve got Kindergarteners in your midst, you’ve got one of two things going on right about now. You’re either counting down the minutes until you can send your kiddo off to school for a few precious hours of peace and quiet OR you’re wanting to hold onto your baby for dear life. For me, it’s a little bit of both. My youngest one starting Kindergarten meant that after 13 years of having one of my kids at home with me, I will have a breath of fresh air for a few moments each day. I will get four magical hours with which I can maybe take a shower, go to the grocery store sans whiny puddle of boogers, and maybe even take a nap! It also meant that my last baby was being released into the world a little more each day as I untethered her from our family. It was a bittersweet moment for me, and I wanted to make sure she was as prepared as possible when she started school for the first time. This year, we already know she has some struggles ahead of her. I already know that the number 1 item on her school supply list this year will be Noggins, and here is why they should also be on yours.

Noggins Help Promote Good Motor Skills and Grip Strength

Younger school-aged kids often struggle with holding a pencil properly. There are a number of “tools” available to help little hands hold pencils properly, but none of them are quite as fun as Noggins. From chunky crayons and special grips for pencils, early school-aged kids can all benefit from adding Noggins to their school supply lists. The unique critters attach to whatever utensil they are using, which helps their grip. Whether it is a dog-head or an alligator, the critters are creative and interesting and make working on fine motor skills and grip strength a lot more fun!

Teach Little Hands How to Use Scissors

One of the biggest struggles with early education students is trying to work scissors. The simple machine may be easy for us to use, but for developing hands and minds, they require a series of complex skills which are just emerging in little ones. Noggins can attach right to your child’s Fiskar’s scissors, which shows them which side needs to be pointing up. Simulating something like an alligator chomping the paper makes sense of the act of opening and closing the scissors to make learning how to use them easy and fun for little hands!

Practice Different Types of Creative and Educational Development

Noggins kits come with tons of different ways to use them. There are a lot of different worksheets, printables, downloads, and activities that kids can engage in that are both educational and fun. They can practice their reasoning skills while working on sharpening their grip strength and fine motor skills. They work on their verbal and storytelling skills as well as language comprehension through creating an imaginative story utilizing several different parts of the brain at once.

They are FUN

While most teachers would frown on bringing toys or other things that might be distracting into a classroom, Noggins are a bit different in that they aren’t just toys or activities. They are truly fun and unique learning devices that can help give kids a jump start on their early education years.

This year, my daughter will have Noggins on her school supply list. When she returns to school in August, every one of her pencils and scissors will be outfitted with a new and fun Noggin. I just know I’ll have her teacher asking me where they can get some for the classroom!


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