#NameYourNoggin for National Family Week!



We’ve already explored several ways to encourage fine motor skills in young children, and with Noggins, we will see even more tricks to keep learning fun. Over 50% of kids have imaginary friends. An even larger number talk to their favorite stuffed animals or dolls.

Creative play and imagination building activities help children find structure in otherwise unstructured play and are a great learning tool to combat boredom while honing important skills. Find out below how your child can #NameYourNoggin in our contest this month!  Maybe her imaginary friend will make a new Noggin!

Practicing Art With Noggins

As your child begins to develop their fine motor skills, art can be a powerful way to practice. Not only will they develop their hand-eye coordination, but their creativity as well! Here are some tips for increasing creativity and art skills in your growing little one:

Allow Room for Messy Self-Expression

Give your child a long paintbrush with their favorite Noggin, and large easel surface and turn them loose! Put a painting apron over them and line the floor with butcher paper to catch any drips so you won’t stress about the mess. Your preschooler will surprise and delight you with their ability to express themselves!

Involve Nature Around You

Go on a nature hike and collect leaves, rocks, and sticks to create a nature collage! Bringing art into the real world can help build more creativity into your preschooler’s daily life. Use a Noggins on the sticks to add even more interest and creativity to the nature collage your child creates! What imaginative stories does their nature scene encourage?

Don’t Try to Make it Mean More than they Intend

As adults, we can sometimes be tempted to turn a child’s abstract finger painting into something more representational than they intend. The same creativity that brings their stuffed animals to life allows them to create art that means more to them than we realize. Sometimes the color and fun speaks for itself.

If you want to give your child the opportunity to bring their creativity to life, you’ll want to be sure to participate in our fun Name a New Noggin contest!

Bring Your Imagination to Life and #NameYourNoggin!

Follow the steps below to enter the contest:

– Like/Follow Noggins and Mom Blog Society on Facebook to see updates on the contest!

– Enter your information below to receive your package with your Noggins.

-Share your email with us so you know if you win!

– Color & build your Noggins then share them with us on Social using #NameYourNoggin or as a guest post on the Noggins Facebook page! 

– Come back to this page and fill out the 2nd portion of the entry form to include your 4 names for your Noggins.

Each contest winner will have one Noggin name chosen & win a complete Noggins set with worksheets, markers, more Noggins, and other fun stuff!

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How will you bring your child’s creativity to life with Noggins this month?


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5 years ago

Great to read something like that

Monidipa Dutta
5 years ago

These are valuable informations when it comes to kids

Elena Turanga
5 years ago

Thank you for sharing this, developing kids’ creativity is very important! Keep it up!

Chris Ellis
5 years ago

A great idea and having it structured around a date and event makes it more likely we’ll actually do it! Added to the calendar 🙂

Kate Andrews
5 years ago

I don’t have kids but I am starting to prepare myself for that next step in life. What a great resource for kids!

Ann Snook-Moreau
Ann Snook-Moreau
5 years ago

I totally agree that we shouldn’t read too much into kids’ art. They are just learning to express themselves and hone their motor skills!

Nayna Kanabar
5 years ago

Encouraging kids creativity through art and play is definitely a great idea. It helps them in so many ways.

5 years ago

Being a kid is hard and being a parent is harder. Thanks for the useful tips.

5 years ago

I do not have small children anymore but I do have a good friend who is a pre-school teacher. I know she will love to have this activity with her little students. Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

Oh these are nice! My daughter would love the Noggin, especially my 4 year old.

I agree, I do not interfere with their creations. That’s what I always tell my eldest because she always corrects her little sister because she wants everything to be nice. But making mistakes and freestyle creativity is what makes them learn more.

lindsey burton-harrison

These noggins look great. We are big creatives in this house and my daughter loves nothing more than sitting down and painting together.

5 years ago

Lucky me I found your website/ blog