5 Steps To Look Great For A Party In A Rush


Sometimes, you want to go the extra mile for something (or someone), but maybe you don’t have time to start a long routine of facials and nail care to prep weeks in advance. Maybe you only have an hour. Don’t worry- we’ve put together a foolproof schedule to get ready for an event quickly and with minimal hassle.

Get ready to turn heads with your awesome look!

1. Right after the shower (10 minutes)

After you’ve hopped into the shower to freshen up, it’s time to add your favorite lotions and scents. Don’t skip this step, as smelling good is one of the foundations of a great party look! Spray your perfume on your wrists and neck, but contrary to popular belief you shouldn’t actually rub it in! That breaks down the layers of scent faster and it rubs off sooner.

This is also the time for any grooming you’ve neglected to do, like shaving.

2. Nails (5 minutes)

You don’t have time to do an elaborate nail look, so focus on the basics. Spend a few seconds cleaning up your cuticles and making sure the skin around your nails isn’t jagged. Spend a couple minutes filing them down. Then, add a clear, quick-drying nail polish to add a touch of shine. You want to stick with a clear color so any messiness is not apparent.

Top tip: to dry nail polish quickly, dunk your hand in cold water.

3. Makeup (10 minutes)

You’re in a rush, and you don’t have time to blend out any bold eye looks so stick to neutrals.

Stick with primer, foundation and concealer on the high parts of your face for a natural feeling. Go for a sheer bronzer and blush so you aren’t left with splotchy, unblended contour (which isn’t cute).

For a really pretty night-look, go for a deep brown in the crease of your eye, followed with a matte neutral shade all over the lid. Grab your favorite gold or copper glitter shade and use your fingers to dab it onto your eyes. For a low-stakes eyeliner, try a brown or black eyeshadow on an angled brush. If you make a mistake, you can just blend it out and go for the smoky look! And of course, mascara is essential.

Finally, pick a lipstick that complements your outfit. A pop of color on the lips will pull the entire thing together.

4. Hair (15 minutes)

Blow dry your hair if it isn’t already pretty dry. If you need some extra oomph but don’t have time for curling or styling, grab some clip-in hair extensions! They add gorgeous volume and length to hair in a matter of seconds. This is especially important when you’re trying to impress or try out a new look.

Braids are any woman’s best friend when it comes to quick, versatile evening looks. A relaxed, loose side braid is beautiful and complements most outfits and face shapes. Remember the hairspray! It helps hold the braid together so you can achieve the “effortless” look- not the “I slept in this” look!

5. Outfit (5 minutes)

If you’re stuck and can’t find anything to wear, turn towards black. Black is a neutral color that can be sexy or professional so it fits into any evening occasion. An LBD is a staple of every woman’s closet, so when in doubt throw on a black dress and use accessories to dress it up or down appropriately.

Earrings and a necklace add an element of sophistication to your look. Even if picking them out takes no time, it immediately makes you look more put together.  

The shoes are an opportunity to spice up the ensemble, and since everything goes with black, your only limit is your imagination (and your closet).

You’re done! Look yourself up and down- you look great. And in less than an hour! So, without further ado, go enjoy your party!

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5 years ago

Very impressive information and the tips about the hair makeup is very useful for me can you also share the makeup tips about eyes thanks in advance.