Tips to Keep Your Task Easy While Going Out With Your Baby Twins


Being a mother is amazing. But raising a toddler is not an easy task. If they are twins, then that is double the trouble.  The job of a mother becomes even tougher as you care for two different individuals who cannot do without you, and are in need of your equal attention.

However, life with twins can get easier with some organization, planning, and setting a routine. So, if the thought of going out with your twins seems daunting to you, here are some useful tips to ease your trouble.

Things You Need to Keep Handy

Lightweight Double Strollers

First things first. Let’s literally take the load off of your shoulders. Get your twins used to lightweight double strollers. They will be easier to transport and navigate through the busy malls, grocery shopping and maybe even to a cafe for a latte for mommy.

Being a parent you always want to treat your kids with nothing but the best; same goes for a double stroller too! But while getting one, remember more expensive doesn’t always mean more comfortable. To buy the best double strollers, you need to watch out for reviews and features.

A Ready to Move Diaper Bag

Keep your kids diaper bag stocked and organised with everything you will need for them when you are away. No matter how long you are planning to go out, make sure you are prepared for the whole day. There should be sufficient food and diapers to deal with an unplanned situation.
For nursing babies, you will need to carry bottles of pre-pumped breast milk for quick meals on the go for the babies. Stocking up your diaper bag a night before makes your morning prep easier and gives you the peace of mind that you are well packed.

Things to Maintain

Start right after feeding

Kids are usually happy and less naggy when they are full. So feeding them just before you start is a very smart idea.
After putting the babies on fresh diapers, feed them, burp them, and make sure all the spit up is taken care of before dressing them and yourself for the outing.
Doing this will cause them to fall asleep shortly after that giving you a good break to have some time to spend on your own or to get your to-do list done.

Always be sure to have small hand towels at hand for any residual spit-ups or burps or any mess that may happen.

Plan Within Your Kids Routine

Don’t mess with your kids’ usual routine to plan an outing. Rather plan around it as much as possible, so they don’t grow tired, disturbed or naggy for having broken their routine.. No plan will ever be enjoyable with cranky kids after all.

Also, don’t forget their toys. Keep them busy  and engaged, so they don’t feel bored and get needy for your attention.

Train Your Babies to Adapt to their Environment.

Not every place you’ll go would be very comfortable for your kids. Places may be too chaotic and noisy for them to fall asleep leaving them overstimulated; or feeling anxious, or troubled. These situations cannot be avoided, but you can prepare yourself and your babies for them. 

Don’t let your babies develop a habit of sleeping in complete silence. Rather help them grow sleeping through noises, so that they may somewhat adjust with outdoor situations.

Stay safe

  1. Never leave your children alone. They will need to be looked after even in strollers – so always keep them supervised..
  2. When fastening any toys with their stroller, do it securely so they don’t fall on your children.
  3. Make sure you have strapped your toddlers securely to stop them from leaning out.

    4. Talk to people, use your cell, take pictures and upload; but, always stay conscious and never lose sight of your babies. 

Some More Tips to Follow

  1. Choose locations and spots you are already familiar with. Be it the grocery store or the park – pick one you are familiar with. The more you are familiar with your surroundings the more confident you will be to navigate the babies in that environment..

    Also, since you don’t have to wonder about where to go and what to do in those places, you will have more time to enjoy with your kids and take care.

  2. If both of your kids start crying together, don’t try to stop them at once. Stop your stroller at a comfortable place, pick one of them and cuddle till they are calm; then, calm the other. By the time you reach for the second one, they may already be calming down as they pick up queues from each other. 

  3. When you are out and about with your kids in early stages, start with things that are easy-breezy and less challenging for you, such as, shopping at the local mall, walking in a park etc.

    Gradually as three of you will be used to spending time outdoors together, and you are more aware and confident about your toddlers, you can apt for more locations. 

Get some company. If possible, ask someone to come and join with you, so you can have help in managing both of your kids at the same time. It can be your partner, friend, someone from your family, or relative or one of the other mommies from your neighbourhood. You expand your network, bond with adults in your life, while also having some extra back up should you need another set of hands.


Nothing should stop you from making beautiful memories with your kids enjoying the outdoors with you. In fact, following these smart pieces of advice you can comfortably go out and about with your twins and live a more fulfilling life of a parent.

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