6 Best Baby Care Tips for the New Mommy


I am sure that these nine months would be the best phase of your life. Because this would discover as new you. When you are expecting a child for the first time, it is very natural and normal that you feel super-excited, yet a little worried at the same time.

The budget of the house also shoots up suddenly. But if you grab some Mothercare it would neither hurt your wallet nor you need to break your bank.

Here are some of the best baby tips are compiled as under for you. Have a look at these and enjoy this phase of motherhood along with this informative guide.

Tip#1: Don’t get obsessed with the germs

The newborns are susceptible to the germs and subsequent infection. Ensure that the person handling your baby has got his hands cleaned correctly. If you are washing your hands with any sanitizer once or twice in a day, then it is absolutely fine.

But then, it also becomes important that you don’t get obsessed with the same. If you are washing your hands every hour and then, then it is not worthy.

Tip#2: Be careful when you shake the newborn

When you are dealing with a newborn, you always need to ensure that you are not harming him in any way. Whether you are rigorously shaking him or throwing him in the air, the newborn is not prepared for it.

Vigorously shaking can sometimes cause bleeding in his brain, and ultimately death. If you are trying to wake the baby up, then the best thing that you can do is you can try for tickling your baby’s feet or gently blowing warm air onto the baby’s cheek.

Tip#3: Make your baby fastened securely in the carrier

This tip is useful especially when you are taking him out for a stroll. While you are out for a light walk or some refreshment for your little one, then securely fasten him in the carrier.

Make sure that whenever you fasten the baby, it should be neither too tight nor too loose. If you are securing too tight, there is a possible chance of strangulation. But if it is too loose, then there is a risk of falling.

Tip#4: Track your baby’s behavior

Ensure of keeping track of the baby’s behavior especially while you are feeding him, the baby is sleeping, and at the time of changing the diapers. Also, track your baby’s poop for the frequency of peeing and pooping. This tip is not very necessary but yet it sometimes plays a vital role in monitoring the child’s health.

Tip#5: Find innovative ways to hold the little one

Don’t always prefer the same method to hold the baby. There are other techniques as well that will help you to hold the babies in the much more innovative way. The methods are Swing, Swaddling or Cradling as well.

If you are trying to make the baby comfortable, then you must try different methods so that he feels more contented every time you hold him.  

Tip#6: Use darkening curtains in the rooms

If you want to make the baby room more snuggly for your little one, then the best thing that you can do is to use the curtains that are dark in color. This would help to extend the infant’s nap time and make him more active than ever before.

The another advantage of using the dark curtains in your room is that during the day, you baby would be under the impression that there is still darkness around. This will automatically increase his nap time.

It is very natural to feel anxious and worried when you are handling a newborn, especially when you are a first-time mother. But in a few weeks of time, you will get used to the routine, and you would be parenting and managing your daily routine like a pro!

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Buy Baby Monitor
6 years ago

Babies are precious gift from God above. As a parent, it is very important we know how to take care of them. I think this baby care tips is a must read.

Baby Expert
6 years ago

Totally agree with the non-shaking tip. I’ve seen babies that are shook even accidentally while being held or played with, in both classrooms and with nannies! Good article!

Susanna Zeigler
6 years ago

A newborn baby’s most dangerous enemy is germs. You have to be always hygienic. When I was a new mother I fell on this problem. My baby had to go through much suffering cause of infection. So always be neat and clean.