Why Going Back to School is the Best Decision You Can Make as a Mother


Many mothers postpone the decision to go back to school for years. Some are so attached to their children that they are scared of leaving them in a daycare or with a babysitter. Others are just unsure if going back to school is the right decision for them. If you have been too scared to take the leap, here are some reasons to motivate you to take the bold step.

Your Needs Will Become a Priority

Mothers always put their family’s needs first and hardly think about their needs. Going back to school will mean you need to shift from paying constant attention to your family to your needs, probably for the first time. Your partner and children will need to learn to respect your study times and offer you any form of support you may require. It is time to enroll in that online nursing program you have been thinking about for years. You will send a simple message to your family that your needs and dreams matter too.

You Will Learn to Conquer Your Fears

Fear stops many mothers from advancing their career. You are taking a bold step by going back to school. If you can take a risk and leave your toddler with someone else or in daycare, then you can conquer any other fears in life. It may feel strange at first but you will soon realize that there is nothing to fear. Your child will soon adjust to your new schedule and the rest of your family will cheer you on.

New Opportunities and Possibilities Will Open Up

Simple preparations like cleaning up your study room or exploring degree programs open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. You probably have had the same schedule for years that revolves around household chores and changing diapers. Going back to school reminds you of your dreams and gives you new opportunities to pursue those dreams. If nursing is your dream career, start an online nursing degree at an accredited university such as Arizona State University.

You Will Get in Touch with Yourself

You rarely spend enough time with yourself if your daily schedule involves taking care of others. Your motherly duties are important but you also need to take care of yourself. You will have several hours every week to think about your dreams and get in touch with the real you. Your timetable will force you to spend time alone, which may have seemed impossible before you went back to school.

Learning Will Boost Your Confidence

Sharpening your skills boosts your confidence. You believe in yourself to accomplish any task at work after going through the necessary training. You will be confident to apply for any nursing job after completing your online nursing degree. This confidence goes beyond your profession to other aspects of your life including your relationships. If you want to stay ahead of your peers and relevant in your field, overcome your fears and go back to school.


There are numerous opportunities for mothers to study. You lock yourself out of new opportunities to advance your career by postponing the decision to go back to school. Do not allow fear of the unknown to hold you back from your dreams. Think of the new level of confidence, skills, and opportunities that you will get after completing your studies.

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children are the real joy of life