The Mighty Power of Music without Screens


For my 16th birthday, I got a Sony Discman. I remember thinking it was completely state of the art. That thing was so cool to me! It was a 6″x6″ brick that was about an inch thick. It had “anti-skip technology” which meant I “should” have been able to carry it or run with it and it would play my CD seamlessly without interruption. HA! My discman only played seamlessly if it was set on a flat surface and never moved. Even then, it still might skip if somebody walked too hard in it’s general direction. Still, I absolutely loved that discman. I was never able to use the hanging strap and go for a run with it, as it was originally advertised. But I still felt super cool with the cutting edge technology of the early 1990’s at my fingertips!

Now we are in a generation of smart phones. Swipe for music, swipe for text, swipe to see where everybody you know within a ten mile radius is at any given moment. All of the swiping has us with our noses buried in our phones. Even when we listen to music, we often do so with earbuds in while we immerse ourselves in something else on our phones. Our kids are growing up in a completely digital age, and the constant connection to a screen leaves them feeling more isolated. What’s more, all that isolation is costing me a small fortune in data every month!

Stream Spotify Without a Smartphone or Burning through Data

We are a music-loving family, I’m sure as I say that, most people just sort of say, “uh-huh…who isn’t?” But really. We are ALWAYS streaming music. Or streaming HD radio. Or streaming Spotify. Spotify is our lifeblood. We have the monthly subscription family plan that we pay for so we don’t have to listen to commercials. My son listens to Spotify while he’s riding the bus to school. He listens to Spotify while he is at cross-country practice. I listen to Spotify in the shower. I listen in my car. I listen while I do dishes. Basically, there isn’t a moment when somebody in my house ISN’T streaming music. Maybe when we’re sleeping, but that’s about it. 

Enter Mighty. Remember the iPod shuffle of the early iPod days–before smartphones were huge, but MP3 players were making waves? Mighty is reminiscent of the old iPod shuffle, but without having to pay for every single song you download. Mighty is a device that is exclusively made to stream Spotify without a smartphone and without internet.

Why Parents Love Mighty for their Kids

What that means for parents is that your phone can be YOURS again. No more having your phone commandeered for kids to listen to music. And it saves us a small fortune on data overages every month. Mighty connects to Spotify through a smartphone app where you can load up your favorite songs and playlists. Then it connects to regular earbuds or bluetooth speakers or headphones. The tiny little gadget can clip onto your clothes or be slid into a pocket and you can GO! Easy peasy. No more data overages! No more screens. And the best part–no more clunky smartphones to carry around during exercise. My son’s phone can stay securely in his locker while he’s at cross-country. No more dropping it three miles into the course and backtracking to try to find it. Pretty darn nifty, if you ask me!

The thing I really love about Mighty is that it provides cutting edge technology but is reminiscent of a simpler time. This nifty little gizmo was created by a group of entrepreneurs back in 2016, and it is taking off. It gives parents a bit more face-time with the kids because it doesn’t rely on a screen to use. But it still allows them access to their favorite music and/or podcasts! It’s an overall win-win.

Why I love Mighty

Mighty isn’t just for the kids, either. I love this thing because it means I can run without having to figure out where the heck to put my phone. Women’s athletic wear doesn’t offer a whole lot of storage options–especially if your phone is bigger than an old-school flip phone. Armbands can be uncomfortable, and I’ve had a few too many near-death experiences where I was holding my phone while I ran and it slipped out of my hand. I swear, my heart stopped and things moved in slow motion as my very expensive all-glass smartphone slipped from my hand and flipped end-over-end before landing screen down on the pavement. With Mighty, those moments only occur now after a few glasses of wine. But that’s a different story altogether.

Small, compact, lightweight, portable, user-friendly, and inexpensive–Mighty has all of my favorite features loaded into one handy little device. It’s the perfect companion for the kids to get them off their phones and to save mom and dad a little cash while still giving them access to their favorite music and favorite podcasts. Mighty is making waves, and they are the good kind. This device may be small, but it definitely lives up to its Mighty name!

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5 years ago

That is so fantastic! I love how the kids can use this to listen to music without the need for a lot of gadgetry. That is so smart.

Becky Willis
5 years ago

I love that you can use it for adults or kids. I also like the idea of the fact that you can stream Spotify without burning through data. Sounds like a great idea for the upcoming holidays.

Mary Edwards
5 years ago

THis is awesome. I love all the features. And the size is convenient too.

Ruth I
Ruth I
5 years ago

My niece loves music but when you use Spotify or youtube to play a song, she will get distracted and will just want to watch. I think this is awesome!

Shannon Gurnee
5 years ago

I have not heard of Mighty before, but it sounds like a great device! I bet my kids would LOVE this!!!

5 years ago

This is the first time that I’ve heard of Mighty and it sounds so cool I love listening to music and so does my son. We need to have one of these.