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Kid shoe shopping. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not. As a mom, I never thought that I would have as many conversations with other moms as I do that revolve around the pain points of sizing and shopping for kid shoes.

Considering the current shoe-shopping landscape, however, it makes sense. Many specialized shoe stores for children have closed and no larger stores have stepped up to offer sizing services. So, parents are left to do research on their own, pouring over various size charts and fit reviews from e-commerce sites when shopping online. I know many parents who, to avoid this, buy multiple sizes of one shoe at a time, just to ensure a correctly fitting shoe arrives.

Jenzy to the Rescue!

Thankfully, a new app called Jenzy is stepping up (pun intended) to solve the kid shoe sizing conundrum! Jenzy allows a parent to easily size their child’s feet through just one photo. Parents simply need to take a photo of their child’s foot beside any standard size card, such as a library card or Costco card. The photo uses the card as an item of reference to then calculate the length of your child’s foot.

Once the measurement is taken, the app will then output the correct shoe size in every shoe brand and style on their store.

You can download Jenzy today and use the code MomBlogSociety for 20% off your first order!

This is important because shoe sizes are different in each brand. For instance, if a child wears a 5.5 US in a pair of See Kai Run sneakers, due to inconsistencies between brands, they could wear a 4.5 US in Saltwater sandals! However, Jenzy takes all of this brand sizing into account, as well as the fact that children need room to grow, so there is no need to “size up” when ordering.

How it Works

Using Jenzy is as easy as taking a picture, picking a shoe, and checking out! Parents can also size multiple kids on the app and be reminded every few months when it is time to resize.

Proper sizing for kids’ feet is important, but so is the type of shoes they wear. Jenzy has carefully selected the brands they recommend to parents, and offer brands popular with moms, including See Kai Run, Keen and Pediped.

Shoes that are durable, comfortable and designed well are important in the development of healthy feet in children. A growing child needs a shoe that not only allows for wiggle room but also is shaped to accommodate the natural pudginess of a child’s foot. If the shoe is correct, that pudginess will eventually turn into bone and cartilage and flatten. You can learn more about proper sizing, shoe recommendations and more on Jenzy’s blog, Kids on the move.

In the meantime, let’s get sizing! The Jenzy app is free and available now to download on the iOS App Store.

You can download Jenzy today and use the code MomBlogSociety for 20% off your first order!

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