Ten Reasons Houston Is Now The Place To Be!


Until recent years if you thought of Houston you’d probably thought dust, oil and heat. Well, yes, it still has those things but these days there is so much more available for everyone to enjoy. Houston accounts for nearly a quarter of the entire total population of Texas and has seen a huge increase in the number of people moving to the area since the early 2000s. Here are 10 reasons why Houston is now the place to be:

1) Renting – Properties to rent in Houston are lower in price than other major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Many people choose to live close to where they work as the transport system hasn’t quite caught up with the levels of growth seen in the area and the freeway can often get jammed up. Have a look at apartments for rent in Houston to see just how affordable Houston is.

2) Jobs – Houston is growing a rapid rate and it is thought that it will overtake Chicago as the third biggest city within a decade. The area’s industries are thriving despite the oil slump. Many international companies and businesses are choosing to open regional centers in Houston.

3) Cheap to live – If you compare every aspect of living costs such as bills, fuels and shopping, Houston is significantly cheaper to live in than US cities of a similar size.

4) Hot, hot, hot – Houston is a hot part of the US and temperatures are mainly in the 90˚F for the majority of the year, which is great for having a long growing season. It has only snowed 14 times in the last 100 years but it can be susceptible to heavy storms.

5) Low tax – At the end of 2015 Houston City Council passed the largest single tax cut in decades to comply with the voter-approved revenue cap. This limits the amount of tax the city can take on properties.

6) Space Station – Not everyone can say that they have NASA on their doorstep but if you live in Houston you can make the most of this popular tourist attraction. Whether you are a space enthusiast or not, we can all appreciate the huge importance of the Space Center.

7) Food – Eating out is a big thing in Houston and it has a great restaurant culture. Prices are also considered to be far lower than rival cities. Many all-you-can-eat diners line the streets and often people find it cheaper to eat out than cook from scratch.

8) Family friendly – There are lots of attractions for your kids – from waterparks to museums. If your interest lies in nature then Houston Zoo is full of exotic animals or you can roam around Brazos Bend State Park, which has 5000 acres to explore.

9) Sport – If sport is your thing then there are plenty of opportunities for you to relax and watch a game. No matter your sporting interest there is something for everyone. Famous teams such as the Astros (Baseball), the Texans (American Football), Rockets (Basketball), Dynamo (Soccer) or the Houston Aeros (Ice Hockey) can all be found in the city.

10) BBQs – Texans are renowned for hosting barbeques anywhere possible (including on the back of pick-up trucks.)  Houston Barbeque Festival is an awesome social occasion and an easy way to get to know your neighbors quickly.

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