A Short Baby Bible


Mommies & Daddies!

Becoming a parent is the greatest pleasure in the world & if you are becoming one for the first time then your happiness is on the Top of the World!!

You are very excited to welcome the new member in the family & you start preparing for it from the day one you get the news.

At the same time, you are also worried and concerned how you will take care of the baby. The common things that will take your mind will be the following:

• What will I do if the baby doesn’t stop crying?
• How much better is breast milk?
• How would I get help, if I need one?
• How about the vaccinations?
• Baby Burping?

You start to go through various books, consult doctors & reach out to older ones if you can find some help, and you will definitely get in plenty.

To get you started with this wonderful journey, we had collated all important things you need to know in an easy to read infographic titled ‘A Short Baby Bible’ while you are preparing to welcome the new member in the family.

Infographic - A Short Baby Bible

What you are waiting for now! Get started!!

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