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good nature image-logoToday we want to share with you once again the company called Good Natured Gourmet! They specialize in making great tasty gourmet dessert mixes that are enhanced with natural ingredients and vitamins for mom and baby.

So I can now hear you asking by now what’s so special about Good Natured Gourmet products? Well these delicious sweet treats are to help mom produce more milk for their little bundle of joy. So often many of us mom’s experience low milk flow during breastfeeding and this can cause your little one to not get the nutrition they need to grow.

 The creators of the Good Natured Gourmet Company saw this need too often and decided to create a few treats to help pregnant and nursing women milk flow so when she begins to breastfeed her little joy she, won’t have any issues of not producing enough milk.

The company Good Natured Gourmet: was founded in 2012 by a Registered Nurse and a baker who saw firsthand the wonderful and powerful effects of natural ingredients and vitamins. Many of our recipes were inspired by many years taking care of pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adults.  Our dessert mixes are made with natural ingredients and vitamins to make them delicious and effective at the same time. At Good Natured Gourmet, our goal is to make truly unique and delicious desserts. 

These bake good mixes are available in two categories which are the Our Love Collection is made for setting the mood with herbs and vitamins specifically chosen for enhancing romance. Recipes are enhanced with a variety of potent aphrodisiacs & the: Breastfeeding Collection which Increase breastmilk production with Chubby Babies Lactation Cookies. Available in Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and Lactose-free Oatmeal Cranberry Cinnamon.

If you’re ready to kick start your romance I definitely would recommend trying a few mixes from their Our Love Collection like the First Kisses Double Chocolate Mint Romantic Cookie Mix.

babycookiesEach mix makes 24 cookies and these First Kisses Double Chocolate Mint Romantic Cookie Mix are said to help you set the mood. The cookie mix is enhanced for romance with ginseng, vitamin E and pure peppermint. Vitamin E is the aphrodisiac vitamin because it increases libido by regulating hormones. It also improves vascular health and blood flow. Ginseng increases stamina while decreasing fatigue and stress. Chocolate produces opiates in the brain increasing feelings of happiness. Peppermints fresh mint aroma increases desires, especially for kissing. Spend less time cooking and more time kissing! I’m sure my husband would be the first one on board to giving this particular cookie mix a try.

The next mix I would recommend to all moms who are pregnant and nursing would be the Chubby Babies Peanut Butter Oatmeal Lactation Cookie Mix .


WOW, I wish these were available back when I was breastfeeding, I had such a difficult time producing my milk flow.

chubbybabypeanutbutter.jpg 2

These tasty gourmet cookies are to help nursing moms make chubby babies! They are made with barley flour, brewer’s yeast, flax seed, whole grain rolled oats and calcium to help a nursing mom to increase breast milk production.

So they next time you feel you need a little help in the Romance & Nursing department check out a few Chubby Babies & Our Love Collection cookie mixes via Good Natured Gourmet



The Good Natured Gourmet Lactation Cookie Mixes are available for purchase via their website for $9.99 & $11.99 a mix and the Romance mixes retail for $9.99 a mix too! 

You can keep up with Good Natured Gourmet via Facebook| Twitter |ShopGood Natured Gourmet 

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