Do You Know Measuring Your Baby’s Formula Wrong Can Cause Them To Have A Upset Belly?

0 topic this week will be about: Do You Know Measuring Your Baby’s Formula Wrong Can Cause Them To Have A Upset Belly?

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So many parents like you and I have come across a time when our little one tummy was upset. Most times we weren’t sure as to what was the cause, but today Dr. Cliff  James will share with us about how “Measuring Your Baby’s Formula Wrong Can Cause Them To Have A Upset Belly”!

We know due to pediatricians facts that some babies will experience some degree of gas and belly aches, which is normal and all due to their immature digestive system. So if you’re feeding your baby formula, beware  that measuring your baby’s formula wrong can cause your baby’s belly to be upset.

Dr Cliff James states: Most people are mixing their baby’s formula wrong?  Many times this mistake is leading to bellyaches and constipation without their parents even realizing it.

Once you take note of  Dr. Cliff James video tip, you will be able to learn the best way to measure your baby’s formula so that he or she will no longer experience an upset belly.

Let’s get started, Dr James Cliff says many of us parents actually are reading the instructions wrong on the formula can. To be honest, I’m guilty of this too, you see formula instructions say to mix one unpacked scoop in 2 ounces of water. Packing the formula or mixing it to make two ounces make the formula too concentrated.

So what we should be doing is filling up the bottle with 4oz of water first and then adding two scoops of formula, it actually going to make 5oz’s. If we mix it wrong the formula will actually be more concentered which will cause your little one to have a bellyache and constipation.

So make sure when it say’s 2, 4, 8oz of water you measure it correctly because actually that’s how much water is needed in addition to the two scoops to keep your baby from experiencing an upset tummy.

Dr. James Cliff  goes on to state, once you know how to properly mix your baby’s formula, hopefully your life and your baby’s life will be a little easier and of course he or she upset bellyache will diminish!

Remember to always keep this in mind:

  • Check your formula-mixing methods to be sure you are mixing correctly. If you under-dilute powder or liquid concentrate formulas, your baby may experience diarrhea, vomiting, intestinal inflammation and stress on his digestive system, while over-dilution may lead to water intoxication in an infant.
  • Some allergy symptoms begin almost immediately after an infant drinks formula and others take up to 10 days to occur.

Well, I hope this information helps you and many other parents! We all know a Happy Baby, Makes Happy Parents!



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