Easy Aging: Steps Towards Physical Well-Being


Roughly 80% of aging adults have a chronic disease. A chronic disease in older adults is often arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, heart failure, depression, diabetes, or kidney disease. As you can see from the previous statistic, a chronic disease has a high chance of affecting you as you get older. If you’re past age 60, you’ve likely noticed your health declining. Declining health can be a cause of concern for you, your spouse, and your family, and you may be concerned about how your health is going to affect your future. You’re not ready to be old yet. You have a lot of life still to live!

If your goal is to live fully even as you age, there are steps you can take towards better living. Living well, even with minor to major health issues, can be done. Your physical well-being can be improved through the following measures. If you’re worried about any of the following issues, take a look at some ways to prevent/treat them.

Aches and Pains

The elderly often experience aches and pains, many of which become chronic over time. Common causes include nerve pain, joint stiffness, neck pain, and inflammation. The most commonly affected areas include fingers, knees, and other joints. If your experience inflammation or stiffness as you age, you can consider trying a product such as CBD Fix to ease your pain, or talk to your doctor about other ways to reduce symptoms.

Essential Tremors

Sometimes called kinetic tremors, essential tremors affect roughly 2.2% of the population. They’re the most common in adults age 60 and up. If you experience shaking when performing simple tasks, like writing or tying your shoes, you may be experiencing essential tremors. Talk to your doctor and look into treatment options for essential tremors.  


Alzheimer’s is only one of several dementia-related illnesses. The most commonly known, Alzheimer’s affects 5.7 million people currently. Alzheimer’s is progressive, and it affects a person’s memory and other mental abilities. Alzheimer’s predominantly affects the elderly, and is a risk for anyone over age 65. While there is no way to completely keep from getting Alzheimer’s, there are simple measures you can take to help prevent it, such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and exercising your brain by doing puzzles and staying social.


Another common problem, falls become more of a risk as you age. Falls are the leading cause of injuries for adults age 65 and up, and 1 in every 4 older adults falls each year. Falls cause both fatal and non-fatal injuries. To better avoid falling, keep floors clear of clutter. Avoid stairs unless you have a railing, and don’t walk through your home in socks.

People in your age group often report the most happiness. While a chronic disease may come with the aging package, you also have a higher chance of more joy, more satisfaction, and more fulfillment. Your aging body presents a new set of challenges, but prevention and treatment can keep your symptoms down and your happiness up in this golden season of life.

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