Piccuzoo Makes YOUR Kid a Published Artist



Sometimes people think I’m completely unsentimental. I mean, I always wonder how long I’m supposed to keep my kids’ “artwork” before I pitch it. Truth be told, there is SO MUCH CRAP they bring home from school or make at home that I have a hard time figuring out what’s important enough to keep, and what to display on the fridge for a week before tossing it. I mean, don’t get me wrong–I love that my kids are creative and love the way their eyes light up when they present me with their newest masterpieces.

That’s one of the reasons why Piccuzoo is so freaking cool!

Personalized Art Storybook with Piccuzoo


Get this. Piccuzoo lets you upload ten of your favorite pieces of art from your kid. It then publishes the artwork into a colorful book they can keep forever. It’s a super easy process that LITERALLY takes just a couple of minutes. You plug in your kiddo’s name, age, and gender. Then simply upload ten pictures of your (or your child’s) favorite drawings or colorings. At the end, you can add a special dedication, personalizing the book even more. 

The Perfect Gift


All three of my kids love to create, but my two youngest probably tears through more paper, crayons, and markers than any child in the history of the world. I have stacks and stacks of their creations taking up residence on just about every surface in my home. My daughter loves to take it a step further: she tapes her artwork to the walls in every room of our home. That is why Piccuzoo is the absolute best gift ever–for both mom AND Cupcake!

Each of my boys has had an opportunity to publish their own books through their classrooms at school. It was a really neat process where they created a story and added the artwork. A few weeks later, they were presented with hardcover copies of their book. My daughter hasn’t had that opportunity, so this is something she is absolutely going to adore. What’s more, her birthday is coming up in mid-June. She is going to be so incredibly excited to be presented with a copy of a book that was made just for her featuring her own hard work and artistic creations!

A New Gift-Giving Tradition Each Year


The book is absolutely stunning. It is bright, colorful, and well-made. What’s more, it is the perfect way to showcase how much she has grown over the years. Her name and age are printed right on the front cover, and her artwork is woven throughout an enchanting story.

Currently, there is only one story available, but there are plenty more coming! This is something I plan on making a regular birthday tradition with each of my children. Every year, I will select their favorite and best pieces to feature in the 10-page spread. They will be able to keep their published works for the rest of their lives and look back on them fondly each and every year!

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