Healbe GoBe2 is the Life Band to End All Fitness Trackers



I have a love/hate relationship with fitness trackers on the market. I have tried several different models and brands of fitness trackers in an attempt to take more accountability for my activity and sleep. The thing with them all is that where one is great, it lacks in other features.

Both wearable fitness trackers offered more detailed tracking as long as I took the time to enter the info into the app on my phone. I would hit the ground running with tracking my calories and snacks and patterns. And then after a couple of days, I would fall behind. Before I knew it, the expensive wearable technology I had on my wrist acted as nothing more than a kinda ugly watch.

What it turned out I was really looking for (but didn’t know existed), was a fitness tracker that would do it all for me. Wearable technology that automatically tracks calories, logs activity, measures hydration, charts sleep, and even checks stress levels. And I found it in the Healbe GoBe2. It isn’t just a fitness tracker. It truly is a life band.


Benefits of the Healbe GoBe2

My kids keep me incredibly busy. Between the husband, the kids, and the dogs, I rarely have enough time to catch up on my DVR, let alone track calories and stress. I get busy and forget to stay hydrated. As I rush from picking up my kid from practice to another kid’s practice, it is easy to grab dinner from the nearest drive-thru window. It’s easier to grab a couple of bags of chips from the vending machine at my daughter’s doctor appointment than it is to cut fruit and weigh seeds and nuts. And of course, all of that shows in my ever-expanding waistline and in the pain in my knees when I walk upstairs.


The Healbe GoBe2 takes all of the guesswork out of trying to stay on track. It measures energy input and output. Basically, it lets you know if you’re consuming more calories than you’re using (and vice versa). It reminds me to take a sip or two of water. It lets me know if I’m getting too stressed. The Healbe GoBe2 does everything for me except cooking me dinner! 

Meet Fitness and/or Weight Loss Goals with Ease

Being a woman of a certain age, I find that my metabolism is doing some funky things these days. I remember being a teenager, stuffing my face with French fries and milkshakes, and my mom telling me to enjoy it while I could. One day I wouldn’t be able to eat like that without it having a huge impact on me. She was right. I find that I need to eat in a very specific way to give me the energy I need to get through the day. I also find I need to reduce my calorie intake more than I ever would have thought in order to maintain a healthy weight. The Healbe GoBe2 makes it so I don’t have to try to find that sweet spot where I can maintain a healthy weight. It does it all for me.


I was a bit skeptical about an all-inclusive type fitness tracker, but the Healbe GoBe2 has definitely exceeded my expectations. As many of them as I have tried in the past, they all had features I liked but at the expense of other features. The GoBe2 has all of the features I could ever want in a life band and more. 


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Renee Kemper

Mother of two active teenagers, living in Arkansas with her Husband, she and her family are energetic outdoor enthusiasts. They can be found Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, and always finding new ways to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. A country girl at heart, but living in the middle of town, she has found creative ways to make the best of both worlds. Founder of thatsjustlife.com and contributing author of The Mom Quilt, she writes and blogs about food, family, and their many adventures.

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5 years ago

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