Bouncing Back: Why Trampolining Isn’t Just for Kids


When you think of trampolines and the people who are jumping around on them, most likely you are picturing a bunch of kids. However, bouncing on a trampoline is not just for kids anymore. Adults also enjoy the activity.

Adults tend to use a trampoline park differently than children. Kids want to play and have fun. Most of the times, adults need an activity to de-stress from their busy lives and an indoor trampoline park is the ideal place to do so.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons that trampolining is fun for everyone, not just the kids.

Relieve Stress

One of the major reasons adults find themselves with multiple illnesses is due to stress. Stress can do harmful things to the body so if you can find a way to lower the amount of stress you have in your life, the better your health will be. Adults all over the world are looking at trampoline parks and the activities they provide as ways to reduce stress. Whether you gear up and climb the rock wall or just bounce out all your frustrations on the Olympic size trampoline, you are going to feel much better about the amount of frustration and stress you are currently experiencing.


Another primary reason adults are starting to use the trampolines at indoor trampoline parks is to get exercise! There are so many ways to get exercise, but not all those ways (running, cardio, weight lifting) can be done by all adults.

Some people have certain restrictions and others find going to the gym a chore or boring. Why not spice up your exercise routine by adding in bouncing on a trampoline? It is great exercise as it gets your heart rate up and works every major muscle in the body. The best part is that it is fun! Grab a friend and head over to the nearest trampoline park to get a workout today!

Work Functions

If you have a team of people you work with every day, then you have probably heard of team building exercises. These exercises are usually done with your co-workers and manager to get to know each other better and to become one as a team.

Most team building exercises get you out of the office and usually provide some fun to your day. Trampolines are now being used by adults for team building exercises for their professions. It is a way to get your team together and bounce out some brainstorming and other team activities. Adults really tend to like it and you get some exercise as well.

Adults Are Really Just Kids At Heart

The last reason why trampolining is not just for kids anymore is that adults are really just big kids at heart! Adults, just like kids, love to have fun too, but a lot of the time we do not allow ourselves to experience that fun. Sometimes it is just relaxing to let your guard down and do something new in your life. It takes you out of your comfort zone and you broaden your horizons, just as you did as a kid.

If we can bring back some of the wonder of life and the fun we used to have before jobs, families, bills, and mortgages jaded us as adults, we may not only be happier in our life, but we could bring our own kids out to the indoor park to make some fond memories!

Why Is Bouncing On A Trampoline Worthwhile?

For both adults and children, bouncing on a trampoline is fun. It allows you to be happy and free, even if only for a short while. It has many benefits for both children and adults, such as relieving stress and much-needed exercise. Our busy lives do not allow us enough time for training while we sit in class all day or on a computer screen at work.

Children can also learn to interact with and meet new friends, which is hard in our ever-present social media world. As adults, it is a great way to do team building exercises for work and allows you to let the inner kid inside of you out to play!

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