Funrise Toys for this Holiday Season



Funrise Toys will get your kids going. 

They are so much fun to play with.


Sing-A-Ma-Lings are the best.  My son loved these when he was a little thing.  He has the entire collection.  He’s 5, and still loves them.  We play with them everyday.  I play with one, and he plays with another.  We take turns, and have a blast.  They are so funny, too.

Sing-A-Ma-Lings are for boys, or girls.  There are 6 to choose from:  Noodle, Darcy, Bo, Blush, Sawyer, and Frankie.  They are fun to play with, and your child(ren) will have a blast.

Funrise also has Tonka Steel. 


Tonka Steel are built to last.  Jacob has had his out in the mud, in the dirt, in the sand, and it still looks like new.  Once we rinse it with the hose, you’d never know it was through so much.  Jacob loves Tonka Steel.  I remember playing with Tonka when I was little, and nothing is built better.

Jacob’s favorite is the Tonka Toughs Steel Trencher.  He loves digging, and dropping the loads. 

He really enjoys these toys.  I’m glad I’ve found some items that he really loves.  But, there’s more.  Funrise also has Littlest Pet Shop, Gazillion Bubbles, and more.  Take a look at their site.  You will surely find something that your kids will love.

Stuff for boys and girls, of all ages.  This will be my first place to shop, from this point on.  I can buy for birthdays, Christmas, etc. all in one place.

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