AstroSmart ™ Makes Your Dog Feel Young Again


When your dog is a puppy, they have boundless energy and need never-ending exercise as they grow into themselves and adapt to the world around them. They are always on the go and can be exhausting and frustrating. But holy cow, what fun, too!

That’s why it’s all the more obvious and heartbreaking once you notice them slowing down and forgetting how to do certain things like play fetch, or where certain rooms are in the house. It’s emotional to watch your once-vibrant puppy now struggle with the signs of aging and all that comes with it. I have three senior dogs who have been with me since puppyhood. It’s hard watching them struggle with age.


AstroSmart ™ Smart Chews

A company called Astro Biosciences sent us a sample of their new product, AstroSmart ™ Canine Cognitive Smart Chews. They are designed to support brain function, cognitive focus and mental performance in dogs. I thought the idea was intriguing: could this really work? Could these chews actually help our senior pups feel young again? According to the many testimonials on their site, apparently, they can.

“Our dogs show us incredible love, and now we can show them we love them too,” President of Astro Biosciences Marcus W. Corwin stated.“Your dog is an important member of your family and you always want the best for their health and happiness. But just like humans, as they age they experience a decline in both physical and mental health. You give your dog supplements for their hips, joints, and heart, now it’s time to protect and improve their brain health.”

Powerful Supplements for Fur Kids

AstroSmart ™ is the most powerful supplement to improve your dog’s cognitive performance based upon its proprietary blend. Rooted in science and nutrition, AstroSmart ™ Smart Chews are easy to digest and taste like a treat.

Active ingredients including Omega 3s, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Resveratrol and Phosphatidylserine will help to reduce oxidative stress, increase essential neurotransmitters, and reduce inflammation. It all sounded wonderful, and I was optimistic, especially knowing that it’s backed up by a vet: “I thought about the ingredients that were important to the aging brain”, said Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist. “All of these ingredients are in AstroSmart ™.”

What’s the Verdict?

They have only been taking it for a couple of days so the outcome remains to be seen, but I’m truly hoping that it works the way it’s worked on other dogs so far. I take vitamins every single day to support various things in my own body, so it seems logical I should be doing the same for our furry family members.

AstroSmart ™ Smart Chews are available in a 30 or 60 count bottle and may be purchased at and

Would you try a chew for your dog to help their brain health?

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shell shockers
5 years ago

Great, thank you for sharing the experience of raising dogs, I also love dogs