ReliefCare Thermometer is Mommy’s Little Helper for Cold and Flu Season


I cannot tell you how many thermometers I have gone through in my short tenure so far as a mom. Just last winter, I bought four different kinds. Each promised different features than the one before, and all of them were appealing in their own way.

I love the idea of an ear probe thermometer. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed, they aren’t always the most reliable. I have tried three different ear thermometers and every one of them has a huge margin of error. You take a temp in one ear and the reading shows normal. You take a temp in the same ear from a different angle and BAM! Fever! Worse yet, have you ever tried taking an ear reading in a kid with an ear infection? Or a sore throat? I’d rather take my chances in a room with a loosely-tied bag of meerkats. 

Waking a sleeping child is dangerous. Waking a sleeping, SICK child to take a temp is an exercise in masochism that I would rather not endure. Moving on. Temporal scanners have similar issues with unreliable readings. Plus, they cost a small fortune. And don’t even get me started on the oral, underarm, or rectal thermometers.

If I wanted to stand in the dark in the middle of the night BEGGING a crying, sick child to allow me to measure their temperature by sticking a cold, hard object into a place they don’t want it is for the birds. So when I stumbled upon the ReliefCare thermometer recently, I was obviously skeptical but also extremely intrigued. Could this magical thermometer with all the features I ever hoped for in a single thermometer really exist? I was about to find out. And the results were pleasantly surprising!

All the Features

First of all, let me describe the ReliefCare Thermometer in all its glory. It can be used two different ways. And no, I’m not talking about how with regular digital thermometers you can use it orally, rectally, or under the arm. I mean this thing is REALLY versatile. You can remove the cap to use the infrared ear probe, which is designed to give an accurate reading from any angle in either ear. OR you can leave the cap on and take a reading from the forehead. 

With ReliefCare, there isn’t any guessing trying to find the right spot for the temporal reading. You simply hold the thermometer approximately a centimeter from the child’s forehead and voila! An accurate, infrared digital reading in under a second. What that means for parents is no fighting to awaken a sick child. There is no need to even touch the child or disturb them while they are resting. I swear, it’s like magic!

No Hunting for Probe Covers with ReliefCare

One of my favorite things about the forehead reading is there is no need for probe covers. I think i have about six different-sized ear probe covers from all the previous ear thermometers I have purchased over the years. All of them seem to take a different size or require a very specific brand of cover in order to be accurate.

Nine times out of ten, we have the same disgusting and ear-goopy covered probe cover on the thermometer once we run out because many thermometers won’t take a reading without something snapped into place over it. The ReliefCare forehead portion of the thermometer doesn’t require a plastic or latex protector in order to function. There is no contact, so no need to create a physical barrier.

Of course, the ear probe function of the ReliefCare thermometer is easy to use and also provides a quick, accurate and pain-free reading in under a second as well. The thermometer is FDA and CE approved, and the display is brightly lit and easy-to-read. The high-temp alarm indicates a red screen with 6 short beeps, so there is no mistaking a fever ever again.

Finally, my quest for the right thermometer for my family is over. ReliefCare has finally provided all the features we could want in a thermometer in an easy-to-use and easy-to-read format. It’s safe and effective for all ages. And while it may not actually cure a cold or the flu, it makes managing symptoms for this mama just a little bit easier. 

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