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The Banfield Pet Hospital was originally founded out of necessity in 1955. At the time, veterinarian, Warren Wegert, developed an ideal to begin providing consumers with cost-effective, reliable veterinary medication and services. Today, it is nearly impossible to be a pet owner and to remain oblivious to the Banfield Pet Hospital. There are Banfield establishments throughout the country and the company’s Optimum Wellness Plans have grown in popularity, since their original inception in 1988. The company itself has been a member of the BBB, Better Business Bureau, since early 2014 and their A+ rating has remained unblemished. What is the Optimum Wellness Plan and how can it help pet owners?



The Basics

Banfield’s Wellness Plan are inexpensive healthcare plans for your pooch. The plans are not specifically designed for the treatment of injury or illness and instead focus primarily on early diagnosis and prevention. These bundled plans generally offer discounted and free office visits to subscribers. Take note that there are a few eligibility requirements. First and foremost, pets must be six month or older, before they’ll qualify for coverage. Special coverage options, such as the Early Care and Early Care Plus, are available for pets under six months.


Prevention Plans

In order to keep your pet healthy and happy, a routine prevent care plan will be a necessity. Banfield Wellness offers several different prevention plans for owners to choose from. These plans are only available for animals under and over the age of six months, but they cover a range of preventive testing, including:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Bi-annual electrocardiograms
  • Vaccinations
  • Urine testing
  • Optical pressure testing

Unlimited office visits are included under the Essential Wellness plan, along with bi-annual head-to-toe physical examinations.


No Deductible

One of the best aspects of the Banfield Wellness Plan is the fact that the consumer will not be forced to pay any deductible whatsoever. Instead, they’ll only have to worry about paying the agreed upon monthly fee. And the savings are wider spread than many initially believe. Discounts are provided, when purchasing products and services outside the scope of your coverage. Depending on the specifics, you may receive 20% off of these services, thanks to your Wellness Plan subscription.


Consumer Sentiment

When taking the opportunity to explore consumer opinion regarding Banfield’s Wellness Plan, you’ll find that sentiment has been majorly negative. The company has received an abundance of complaints and they’re very diverse in nature. The majority of complaints stem from payment disputes, scheduling flaws, and constant price hikes. Unfortunately, past clients have been unsatisfied with Banfield’s coverage, performance, and pricing. Past consumer testimonials should speak for themselves. For additional guidance, be sure to read customer reviews and complaints.


Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the overall concept of Banfield’s Wellness Plans is great. Unfortunately, Banfield’s execution is very disappointing. The company has been on the brunt end of criticism for several years, due to their lackluster performance, and has failed to implement any real changes. Unless Banfield is able to rectify current problems plaguing their insurance coverage, it is best for pet owners to steer clear of this company and their program.

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