Adding Antioxidants to Your Diet – How Do they Help Restore Your Body?


We keep hearing about the benefit of antioxidants to our health and all we know is that they blueberries carry antioxidants, right? But what are antioxidants and how do they benefit their health? They are mineral and vitamins which safeguard your bodies from the damage that is done to your body by free radicals which attack the healthy cells and weaken the immune system. There are researches which suggest that free radicals might cause cardiovascular diseases, cancer, cataracts and even dysfunction of brain.

Antioxidants might comprise of Vitamins C and E, flavonoids, catechins, beta-carotene and lutein which are found in different dietary supplements like rose hip vital canine, a natural source of Vitamin C. Here are few benefits that antioxidants may offer to your health.

#1: Antioxidants enhance the function of your brain

Studies show that the consumption of Vitamin E and C supplements leads to improved cognitive function and a diminished risk of dementia. If you can consume several foods like citrus fruits, papaya, parsley, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, you will find high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin E will be found in foods like sunflower seeds, lettuce, peanut butter, avocados and turnip greens. All these can increase the functioning of the human brain.

#2: Antioxidants helps in forbidding cancer

As per lab evidence, it has been demonstrated that there are certain antioxidants which might even prevent or slow down the development of cancer. As mentioned earlier, free radicals can lead to damage to your DNA and gradually this can lead to cell damage which can cause cancer. In scientific terms, antioxidants can clear off or combat against antioxidants and this in turn neutralizes the electric charge of radicals.

#3: Antioxidants helps your lungs

According to a study done on more than 1600 adults, functioning of lungs can improve when there is an increase in antioxidants in blood level. The antioxidants which usually make the strongest impact are Vitamin E along with beta-cryptoxanthin, which are normally found in foods like sunflower seeds, almonds, cooked spinach, pine nuts and dried apricots. Hence, antioxidants can have a soothing impact on the functioning of your lungs.

#4: Antioxidants help maintain healthy skin

Another research suggests that flavonoids which are usually found in few dark chocolates and green tea can help you in safeguarding your skin from cancer and inflammation. Women who can treat their skin with extracts of green tea can protect their skin from exposure to sunlight as against those who don’t. Nevertheless, there hasn’t been any perfect dose of flavonoids that have been determined.

#5: Antioxidants boost growth of hair

Antioxidants can boost the growth of hair by maintaining the level of collagen or the connective tissues of the hair follicles. The cells that are found in blood vessels create a healthy growth of hair. Once you start taking Vitamin C supplements which you usually find in citrus fruits, you will witness a growth in hair.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which antioxidants can assist the functioning of your health, you can take into account the above mentioned tips and advices.

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