3 Tips For Leading By Example


Having children is a life-changing decision that can change your life for the better. While raising and teaching your kids, it is likely that you learn a lot about yourself in the process. When your children are young, they probably tend to try and mirror everything that you do. However, as they grow, they’re likely to be more critical and notice when you don’t do the things you tell them to do. For this reason, it is important that you foster the habit of leading by example and we’re here to show you exactly how!

Admitting you’ve made a mistake

Personally, I have a really hard time admitting fault. That is partly because I’m totally perfect and rarely, if ever, make mistakes. OK, so that isn’t really true at all, but as a parent it is very easy to get into that mindset. As your kids grow, it is likely that you’ll often reprimand them and teach them to apologize when they’re wrong. Even though you’re their parent, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also do the same in instances when you happen to be wrong. In my house, one of our biggest overall problems as individuals and as a family is reacting very strongly very quickly. I am constantly lecturing the kids on the importance of taking a minute to think before they speak.

On the same token, I often do the same when I react first and think second. By admitting I made a mistake, I teach them the importance of an apology.  Some tips on how to apologize to your child include apologizing quickly and easily, resisting the urge to blame, modeling accountability, and not making excuses for your behavior.

Leading by Showing the Importance of Self-Improvement

When you show your children when to apologize, you teach them firsthand that nobody is perfect and it’s okay to make mistakes. You also show them that making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person or any less valuable. In the same light, another way of leading by example is showing them how to continuously better themselves, especially when they may be struggling with bad habits. For those moms like me who have struggled with negative habits such as anger or substance abuse or alcohol addiction, showing your children you are willing to take the proper steps to make positive changes is invaluable. This could mean finding a private rehab that could help you recover as well as initiating family counseling. By doing this, you teach your kids how to take responsibility for their actions and look for ways to improve themselves. If you require legal advice on domestic abuse, find a law firm and hire AVO lawyers in Sydney will be able to help.

Model Respect

Teaching your kids how to respect themselves and those around them is very important. Doing so is a way to ensure they treat other people the right way, which is invaluable in the real world. One of the fundamental ways to lead by example in this department is by showing your kids respect. You can do this by watching your body language, facial expressions, tone, and volume of your voice, avoiding threats of violence, withholding affection, exhibiting rejecting behavior, or using demeaning words. By avoiding such behavior, you’re teaching your kids to be respectful no matter what the situation.

My greatest goal in life is to raise amazing kids. I know, that sounds vague. What I mean is that ultimately, my focus is on creating human beings who are willing to contribute more than they take from society. I will continue to instill in them the value of words and how far a good, meaningful, and heartfelt apology can go. They will be people who are the living embodiment of integrity. Showing my children the importance of these characteristics is done through modeling integrity, respect, and admitting when I’m wrong. In other words, I intend to create the best possible human beings by leading by example. 

Most parents hope they will raise kids who positively contribute to their environments, are model citizens, and who live their lives with integrity. It is possible that they’ll turn out this way if they watch you model such behavior as they grow. By teaching them such values as you bring them up, you increase the chances of ending up with an adult who has also learned to lead by example.

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