Here’s What You Need to Know About DealDash


If you’re looking for a review of penny auctions, and in particular DealDash, this is the article you need to read.

Is DealDash Legitimate?

It is legitimate. The company is one of the longest running pay-to-participate auction sites around, and it comes down to putting a certain amount of dollars, competing with other bidders, and aiming to win the prize. You can always get your credits (bids) back if you decide to buy the item you were bidding on at full retail price on the site. But, you aren’t able to cash out the credits, so once your buy them, you might as well use them up.

Overall, pay-to-participate auctions are auctions where money is at stake and actively being bid, and there are times when members may end up spending more on the bidding than on the actual winning. So, if you do want to bid, be prepared to lose sometimes. Remember that you can use the “Buy it Now” option to pay retail for the product and get your bids back.

Online auction site members can win credit packages of anywhere from 40 to 80, right up to 800 bids for just a couple of dollars. The trick is to get your timing right, perhaps, for example, late at night when there aren’t a lot of people on the site or at times where there are a number of other auctions going on and no one is paying too much attention to bidding on packages.

You could win an auction and a great item at a great prize, and you might not. The best thing you can do to get the hang of it all is to watch the auctions armed with as much information about online bidding as you can, and then start off bidding small to get into it.

There’s More to DealDash Than Traditional Auction Sites

DealDash does seem to have the edge when it comes to these kinds of sites. For instance, new bidders may not enter an auction once an item has reached the $5 mark. The idea of putting the “No New Bidders” limit at $5 is to create fair auctions where item prices do not reach astronomical limits.

While many people think of sites like eBay when it comes to online auctions, DealDash has some great offers at times, all brand-new items with warranties, and they offer free shipping on every product, no matter the end-price.

Another difference about this site is that they charge fair market value for the products in their stockroom. So, if a bidder is unsuccessful at winning an auction for an item he or she had his heart set on, he or she can just decide to pay full retail price for it from the site. The prices are on par with other online retailers.

What’s more, players are able to lock in amounts, and walk away via automatic bidding. So, let’s say you really want that hoover. You can place your first bid and then set automatic bidding to your desired limit so that if someone comes along and outbids you, you will automatically outbid them up to your set limit. And then, if all else fails, you can pay the full retail asking price and get your bids back.

What’s the Verdict?

One of the best ways to see what other players thing is to check out review sites, and, if you’re new to the world of online auctions, and especially penny auctions, remember to check out DealDash’s blogs to get a feel for how things work and how you can outbid and win some great products.

If you want to learn more about DealDash, they have a detailed blog on how it all works that’s worth reading if you are keen to start bidding on items.

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3 years ago

You can place your first bid and then set the automatic bidding to the limit you want so that if someone comes and outbids you, you will automatically bid more than your set limit. Then, if all else fails, you can pay the full retail price requested and get your bid back.

3 years ago

Dee Carreon, that is really very sweet of you thanks a lot for this wonderful post, I’ll surely implement the tips shared here in my next online order.